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New pickups for Fender American Special Jazz Bass

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by yaanmengk, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. yaanmengk


    Sep 9, 2017
    Hey guys, my pickups on the above mentioned bass died on me so I'm currently looking for new ones.
    I've done quite a bit of reading and listening to clips and youtube but I'm still at a lost at what my options are.
    Two pickups that I liked were the:
    1) Dimarzio Area Js
    I like these a lot more than the Model Js so I'm guessing I prefer more traditional sounding Jazzes
    2) Seymour Duncan Hot Stack Jazz Pickups
    Sounds a bit punchier but not to the point where its in P territory and I can get with that

    I just like how they sound from what I hear from other people's clips but at the end of the day i wouldn't know how they would sound on my own bass.

    Are there any other pickups I should consider?
    And should i look at changing the Greasebucket tone circuit?

    I'm a complete newb at this so please be nice!
  2. groove pump

    groove pump

    Oct 24, 2006
    I'd only offer that if you're confident that you like the sound of either of those sets you mentioned, flip a coin and drop them in there. I haven't sampled an ocean of different pickups, but I've noodled here and there with the best of intentions and it can seem almost impossible to predict just what a new layout might offer until it's in there and you get to spend some time with it.

    If nothing else, the different pickups will give you some reference - you'll get more of this or less of that compared with the old set. I recently tried swapping out the DiMarzio Ultra J's in my bass with something else that I expected would be better in terms of "clarity and focus". It turned out that the new pu's indeed gave me that, but the fat 'n warm sound I had for so long with my Ultra J's has apparently become home-sweet-home for me with this bass. I knew after about a half hour - more like fifteen minutes - of playing with the new guts that I'd be switching back.

    Glad I finally tried this though, just because there are more than enough offerings in the Jazz replacement pickup world that the grass can easily seem greener after reading about and listening to some of the alternatives. Good luck with the swap and don't sweat it too much. I'd bet that there's actually more than one right answer and you'll probably learn something helpful with any option.

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