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  1. I want to replace the pups on the MIM Fender Jazz, but I usually use the bridge pup for a growly sound. Can I replace just that pup? And by "can" I mean would it be wise and reasonable? I don't have much money, and if buying one is really all I need then I'd love to save ~60 dollars. Plus, I've heard that on newer Fender Jazz models the Bridge pup is the same size as the neck pup. Would this mean I should buy a neck pup for it or are the wirings different? Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I'm semi ignorant of bass matters.
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    Yes, it's possible to have a successful replacement of just one p/u. Getting a consistent vol/tone from the two is in the eye of the beholder and will vary greatly depending on the exact p/u you swap out with.

    As for p/u size ... I haven't heard of any J bass where two neck p/u's were used. I have heard of basses utilizing two bridge p/u's, though. It's easy enough to measure to length of each p/u cover and then reference them against the standard J p/u lengths. On a standard arrangement, your neck p/u should be a little shy of 3-5/8" (3.6" real value) and the bridge should be a little shy of 3-3/4" (3.735" real value)