SOLD New Pics/Wood and Tronics Zoid 5/Mint

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    The bass now is sporting the black pickup covers. They were refinished from
    20190702_115513.jpg 20190702_115505.jpg 20190702_115517.jpg 20190702_115528.jpg 20190702_115526.jpg 20190702_115530.jpg View attachment 3459389 View attachment 3459375 View attachment 3459376 View attachment 3459378 View attachment 3459381 View attachment 3459382 View attachment 3459383 I will accept reasonable cash offers!!! 2 lower value for 1 trades, High end 4 strings, 83 MM Cutlass would be top of the list.

    Heres a link to their site.
    Info - Wood & Tronics
    Heres the Pickup and Pre link
    MAMA pickups - Home

    Absolutely beautiful Italian Wood and Tronics Zoid 5 in New/Mint condition with W&T case. It plays and sounds flawless but way to nice for me to tote around as clumsy as I am. Lol

    This one features neck through construction, with a gorgeous, high grade quilt poplar top over insanely figured walnut wings. The neck is five pieces of ash, maple, and purpleheart combination with an African blackwood fretboard. It also features a horse chestnut tone block with a flame maple cap. The maple covered pickups and electronics are all custom from MAMA, 34 inch scale with 18mm string spacing.
    $2800 OBO Shipped and West Coast add $40
    Trade value $2900
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