New Publication/DVD by Mario D'Amato: J.S. Bach Five Suites for Solo Cello, Adapted for Bass Guitar

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    Mar 12, 2004
    Bassist Mario D'Amato has released a sheetmusic + TAB transcription of JS Bach's 5 Suites for Solo Cello. Includes fingerings and tablature, explanations of symbols. 88 pages, in original keys.

    Also includes a DVD (129mins) with full performances of all movements.

    • Book+DVD 60EUR (including shipping)
    • DVD 40EUR (including shipping)
    Video samples:

    Mario DAmato

    Purchase and more information: Mario D'Amato


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  2. wintremute

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    Oct 16, 2014
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    I like this, but that is pretty expensive! 80 Euros/$85 is pretty high.
  3. Plutonium244

    Plutonium244 Supporting Member

    Mar 29, 2015
    Im with you on this. I like the entire concept, but the price is discouraging. For $40 I might do it. Still... nice.

    Edit: his website says 60 Euros, not 80.
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  4. I think there's some issue - the website says 60E for just the tab and 40E for just the DVD. Maybe there was an 80E combined option that isn't popping up for some reason.
  5. Plutonium244

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    Mar 29, 2015
    This might be an error perhaps, but this is copied/pasted straight from the merch page at his site (emphasis mine), see the cover shown as well:

    • J.S.Bach, Five Suites for Solo Cello, BWV 1007-1011, adapted for bass guitar by Mario D´Amato (sheet, tab, DVD included) DESCRIPTION 60€ (shipping cost included)

  6. Mario D Amato

    Mario D Amato

    Nov 23, 2016
    hi! I´m happy that you are interested to this work. It´s not an error, I´ve changed the price on my site some days ago, some minutes ago I advised Paul Determan, if it´s possible to change also the advertisement here, forgive me.
    I will pubblicate soon also the sixth suite in D Major (without dvd, but the video of the prelude is already available on my site).
    thank you,

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  7. flojob

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    Oct 15, 2011
    Super cool
  8. wintremute

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    Oct 16, 2014
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    Welcome to TalkBass!
  9. Mario D Amato

    Mario D Amato

    Nov 23, 2016
  10. Doner Designs

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    Can you post a few pages so that we can see the difficulty level? Could be beyond the reach of some. Great idea.
  11. Plutonium244

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    Mar 29, 2015
    He does have a page from all five posted above... also, a section of his performance (DVD) of at least several are linked above also. The fact that it has tab as well as bass clef notation, and a video that shows what the hands are doing in performing it, with audio that one could also simply listen to in order to become familiar with the flow and movement of the pieces, make this accessible to a lot of players, if they are willing to give it some effort. The road map is there. Something to broaden the skills, or to aspire to, with directions. I like it.

    I remember the fist classical music adapted for bass book I bought when I was 22 or so. Though challenging, it was great technical practice and necessarily involves connecting keys, scales, etc to your playing and advances the average bassist's notation-reading skills. If I had had more than just a book of standard notation pieces, and had video and tab in addition, who knows how much more quickly I would have covered that ground?

    You can find some cello or violin suites transcribed in bass clef out there, and you can find videos of people playing these kind of Bach pieces, and you can find tab for some stuff, but having all three for each piece is handy.

    Also, while you'll typically see small sections of about 2-4 minutes of some Bach pieces performed or transcribed, these are complete cello suites of maybe 20 minutes or so, in 6 movements generally. So these are complete suites, five of them. That's also about 30 individual movements of about 3-5 minutes to choose from if you're looking to master small, digestible chunks for fun or profit.

    I also like that they are cello suites, so the piece is designed for (mostly) single note, single part lines, for an instrument that is tonally similar to bass... and I think Bach wrote for each instrument with its sonic range and tibre in mind... to me the parts seem just slightly more "natural" than, say, taking a violin suite and adapting it to bass.

    I might be talking myself into trying this. I do love me some classical.
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  12. Mario D Amato

    Mario D Amato

    Nov 23, 2016
    I thank Plutoniun244 for the post, very clear; I would like to add some other information, and also answer to the previous question:
    _the difficulty level: in general the first suite in G Major is quite easier than the others. Also the slow movements of the suites like the sarabandes and the menuets, gavottes and bourrees are in general easier. Some fast movements are quite difficult, like the courante of the second suite and the gigue of the third and the fourth suite.
    _Very important in this work are the system of writing: in the explanation of sign at the beginning of the book, the reader has got all the informations (on the notation) to know the exact fingering of the performance. The system of writing could be interesting especially for teachers or editors, that want to give a more efficient support for students, it could be used for any transcription or any music sheet for string instruments.
    _The performances on DVD are 7 for each suite, as the menuets, bourrees and gavottes are played separately (usually they are played together, I & II). All the movements are played with refrain (except the preludes, obviously).
    _The main idea of this project is focused on the interpretation of music, as I´m sure that the interpretation directs the technique, not the opposite. Interpretation is the control of dynamics, harmony, articulation or like in general they use to say, phrasing.
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  13. paul

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    Jul 20, 2000
    Original post updated to reflect correct pricing.
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