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  1. Well if i say so my self, it isnt as good as i thought melody was. But its ok. Using enhancer and chorus+reverb. I think i went a bit overkill with the reverb though. Its claled "Weekly Comp 05': Rainchild" im entering it into a competition over at musicians forums. so yeah. Take a listen and tell me what you think.
    Can't believe i forgot that part :lol:
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    Not bad, but I think you need to tweak your tone a little more if you want to play solo bass pieces. Your tone seems a little brittle and lacking lows. Seems like you used the reverb to add lows but in turn it sounds over processed; and like you mentioned, way to much reverb. All in all a pretty cool piece though.

    I would really like to hear this piece with no effects to get a better judge of your tone.

    Sound 2.5/5 - I really don't like really bright, brittle tones. Also reduce the amount of reverb, it sounds like you are playing in a cave.

    Music 3.5/5 - I really dig that intro. Could be a awesome piece if you add more parts and try a different form (Intro = A, Popping Lick = B; try ABA and then add more unrelated parts, but return to that intro as a transition between the other melodies.

    Record Quality - 2.5/5 - I think all that reverb is what's causing the speaker breakup (might just be the headphones I was wearing). Reducing that will probably improve the quality tenfold.

    All in all pretty good,
  8. thanks a-bark... i had the tone set up through my amp.. and when i came to record it was directly into the soundcard, so the tone didn't come out as i had planned, i will try and get a non effected peice up for you ;)