new releases from my solo project

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  1. notlob


    Aug 17, 2010
    hey everybody,
    i record music at my home under the name Jarvis Probes. i play all the instruments and do all the engineering/mixing. only the bass lines are composed; everything else is improvised. i put out my first album on vinyl a few months back, and i just released these two albums.

    the top link is an album called 'Kid Hipsters'. almost every sound is made from bass, guitar, or drums. i am still very excited about this album and it was recorded quite a while ago at this point.

    the second link is an album called 'Hey EP'. i had just gotten a fender bass vi and a moog so i made a very short album as a way to learn how to use those instruments.

    almost all the music on this site is available for free. stream it, download it, buy a vinyl, check it out and enjoy. thanks a lot.