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New Rickenbacker W Series--Walnut

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by D Bopp, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. D Bopp

    D Bopp Supporting Member

    May 26, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    Just saw this on Pickofthericks.com

    RIC Proudly Announces The W Series To Its Instrument Lineup

    We’ve always been careful not to change much to the formulas that make our guitars and basses iconic in sound and design. For this, we rarely bring anything new to market. However, this year we just couldn’t resist introducing the W Series of walnut made designs of our traditional 330, 360 and 4003 models.

    This is a natural spin on our classic models. These walnut Rickenbackers boast the same full, rich and warm sounds that we’re known for, while adding the strength and natural character of walnut polished with an oil finish. The full model lineup for the W Series includes the 330, 330/12, 360, 360/12 and 4003. All are outfitted with Maple necks. The entire line is made from top quality wood to deliver thorough excellence.

    We have all models on order.

  2. Bassist4Eris

    Bassist4Eris Frat-Pack Sympathizer

    Aug 11, 2012
    Upstate NY, USA
    Can I just be the first to say: Holy wow! :eek:
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  4. Josh Thatguy

    Josh Thatguy Registered abUser Supporting Member