New rig: Ampeg PF800, 115HE+115LF

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    Apr 9, 2010

    So I decided to try out a fliptop set up. I play a lot of opening act slots and festivals, so I need something I can get in and out with quick. I was also looking for more of a vintage Motownish tone. I'm in an original Americana Rock/Country band, so I'm not trying to clone Jamerson or anything, but on our record the producer did a great job of getting the P Bass flat string tone and placing it in the mix, so I want to recreate that live.

    I usually don't like to mix cabs, but I was able to pick up these two cabs at a good price. I played two gigs this weekend, and they don't seem to fight with each other. I am hoping that since these cabs have the same speaker I won't have any issues. My plan is actually to only use the fliptop for most gigs and stack the LF for bigger rooms and outdoor shows.

    We did two CD release shows last weekend. My first impressions:
    • The fliptop with the amp mounted is really cool, but its heavier than I thought.
    • Storing my wires in the cab is kind of convenient, but it's actually a little annoying to hold the top and get to them.
    • The LF sounds a little more Motown to my ears when I play them separately. I'm not trying to recreate that, but if i were, i'd go with just the LF.
    • I play a song that I like add a little reggae stank, so I cranked the bass on the EQ and added the ultra low. I got impressive low end. It sounded great, but I almost rattled the top cab off the stack. My drummer had to yell at me. Going to have to watch that. :)
    • This setup really pronounced the P Bass with the flat strings. A guy in another band said he thought I might be playing an upright when he heard us through the door. you can really hear the stings in the mix. So I have the tone I want.
    • Sound guy at the second show said that the direct out was a little muddy. I have a bad habit of getting heavy handed sometimes, so I'm going to play with that some this weekend.
    • The second show was also in more of a listening room with a seated audience of about 70. Sound guy wouldn't let me go past 10 O'Clock and he said I definitely did not need two cabs for that one. So, I think I have enough juice when I need it.
  2. High Camp

    High Camp

    Oct 3, 2013
    Congratulations with your buy!
    I think the cabs have exact the same speakers.
    The PF115HE has a tweeter, the LF has not.

    I too really enjoy the Portaflex cabs a lot!
    And the PF800 is a killer amp. :)
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    Those PF115 cabs make you think they're light on the bottom end if you only go by their small size, but both of them are low end monsters. Glad you're having fun with them!
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