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new rig ideas... and a couple of questions

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ehiunno, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. i could hardly call what im tyring to do "upgrading" because its very difficult IMO to upgrade from my late model('72) B-15N. with that said im looking to find something that suits my tonal needs with a lot more than the 30 watts im currently pushing. im looking for something with a versatile enough EQ to push out real old school fingerstyle vibes, good low and high mid growl and punch, with enough highs there for when i need them and lows to fill it out more.

    id say that if you listen to Alphonso Jonsons tone on Elegant People, and jacos(i know every one wants his tone...) on barbary coast you'll get a rather good example of what im looking for here is also another good example.

    i do also play enough slap for it to be a factor is the amp i choose. ive played SWR and GK and didnt like the slap or fingerstyle sound i got from either of them. and from what ive heard 1st hand of eden thier slap sound just sounds fake for some reason

    do yall have any recomendations as far as head(or pre/power) and cab?

    from simple reviews and basstasters clips i think i may be able to come close with an M-Pulse head, ill play one on friday when i head up to richmond to go amp hunting, i also thought something of the traynor head but all-tube and slap have never gotten along well together for me, though i can imagine ill get rather good fingerstyle tone though. ill play one friday as well. i know im going to need a hybrid so i can crank the gain on the preamp and get the drive i need thats why i was thinking M-Pulse, maybe the GBE600 but i dont know much about it.

    i may actually prefer go pre/power though as it would leave much more room for future expansion. from the basstasters clips the Kern 777 seemed to be perfectly suited to my needs. if i go this route however i wont be able to play almost any of these beforehand because of the area im in. as far as power amps are concerned i would just need something that would faithfully reproduce the sounds of my bass and preamp, so i dont think this decision is very dificult(thnking mayB QSC or stewart)

    i do have one stupid question about power amps though(so dont laugh) if i run stereo 2 ohms does that mean that im running 2 4 ohm cabs or 2 2 ohm cabs. it confuses me because im not sure if the stereo aspect of it makes it link the 2 together making 4+4=2,just like mono, or runs them completely seperatly makeing 2=2 and 2=2, if that makes sense

    as far as cabs i was thinking of simply going the avatar route, mayB a 2x10 and a 2x12. i played an Ampeg Pro series 4x10 and fell in love with it, but not its price tag so im thinking thats gonna be a no go.

    sorry about the length, but to those that read it, what do you think? id rather play it first but i may end up taking a leap of faith on a Kern 777 and getting lucky(just like my B-15) if i dont find anything

  2. IvanMike

    IvanMike Player Characters fear me... Supporting Member

    Nov 10, 2002
    Middletown CT, USA
    i wont give advice on particulars as tone is hard to convey into type.

    as far as stereo 2 ohms goes..............

    solid state heads are usually stable down to 4 ohms. some are stable to two ohms.

    soem solid state heads are "stereo" meaning they have two seperate poweramp sections. alternately, you can achieve the same thing by using a preamp and a "stereo" solid state poweramp.

    "2 ohms stereo" could refer to a SS head or poweramp that has two poweramp sections, both of which are stable to 2 ohms. Or it coule refer to using one of those with a 2 ohm load on each side (which would typically mean using two 4 ohm cabs, one 4 ohm cab and two 8 ohm cabs, or four 8 ohm cabs on each side)

    FWIW, you dont have to match impedances on each side of a stereo amp like this, you can run 2 ohms on one side and 8 ohms on the other w/o a problem.

    the only time the two poweramp sections of a stereo amp interact is when it's run in "bridge mono" mode, in which case all the cabinets are connected to both sides. In that case, the two amps as a unit become stable to twice the impedance as either one would be individually, as each side "sees" 1/2 the total impedance hooked up to the bridged amps.
  3. thanks ivanmike that explains it. thats what i was thinking i was just had a bit of doubt and didnt wanna blow anything up