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New rig I'm considering - Bag End cabs

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Matthew West, Jan 29, 2001.

  1. OK, this is my latest idea. I'm going to drive 100 miles to try it this weekend. If anyone has any idea of how this will sound, let me know.

    Hartke HA5000 head (already have this)
    1 Bag End D12-D(4 ohm) 2x12 on one channel
    2 Bag End S15-D(8 ohms each) 1x15 on the second channel.

    Two 12's and 2 15's - I think this should really produce some serious tone and move some air. Plus, it should all fit in the back seat of my car.
  2. VictorLeMonteWooten


    Dec 6, 2000
    you may want only one 15 and invest in a better brand head. Just an idea. I don't think anyone would need more than 250 watts of power. You could just plug 'r in the pa. I think a tweeter will help the high frequencies. You may want to think of tens instead of 12 (to get more than lows, that's what the 15s are for). Get what fits you.
  3. winston


    May 2, 2000
    Berkeley, CA
    I've heard Arne Livingston of The Living Daylights play several times in the last few months and he gets a stupendous sound from Bag End speakers. He uses a 1x15 and what looks to be a 2x12 fed by a Demeter preamp and Stewart power amp and gets a really full, punchy, clear, detailed sound that fills the room. My guess is that you probably won't need 3 BagEnd cabinets to get a huge sound. Good luck!
  4. I appreciate the ideas, but:

    A) I really like the head. I haven't found anything else that I like better.

    B) Most of the places my band plays lack PA systems.

    C) I don't really care for tens (unless it's an Ampeg 8x10 with a tube head). I don't need that much high end anyway.

    I think that will actually be what I try first - one 115 and one 212. The second 115 may be unnecessary.

    [Edited by Matthew West on 01-30-2001 at 08:15 AM]
  5. If you're going for a 15 or two, then I'd get the Bag End
    2x10, made in several flavors both with and without tweeters. I have th 2-10D with no tweeter, but it's gets up
    to about 6Khz and sounds sweet, sweet, sweet. Handles 400w program, 800w peak and is 4 ohms. I just don't think you
    want a 2x12 when you're going to have a 15 or two. My 2c.
  6. I've been playing a 115/210 rig for several years and don't really like it. That's why I want to try something else.
  7. Dude, just read your profile....what's wrong with the Ampeg
    cabs? Ampeg and your Fender Jazz should be just the ticket for a great rig, and if you like the Hartke head, that's fine. While Bag End may be a little better than the Ampeg cabs, I'm not sure by how much and you'll always lose out ($$) when changing gear. I'd say (based on your profile/infuences/musical tastes), sell the Hartke and get yerself a vintage SVT head and go Ampeg all the way.....Again, my 2c.
  8. I was in the market for some speaker cabinets last spring. In talking with Bass Northwest, they highly recomended Bag End. I tried to find some Bag End stuff local so I could try them out but no one stocked them. I ended up going with Eden (with no regrets) but I'm sure the Bag End stuff must be pretty nice.
  9. Actually, I don't really play the Jazz. While it sounds great by itself, it doesn't work in my band context. The Aria Pro II has been my main bass for years. I do plan on getting the vintage SVT and 8x10 one day when I have something to transport it in. The Ampeg cabs just don't have the "chest hit" factor that I want. The coolest cab I have ever played through was an Eden D212XLT, but I want to check out the Bag Ends so see if they give the same response.

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