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New single recorded....honest opinions

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by hibachiduck, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. My band finally has one of our songs off our upcoming LP to the point where we feel comfortable with the public hearing it. I'd like to hear honest opinions about this, I have thick skin :bag:. I already know the clickity clackity stuff on bass during the verse is annoying and I'm working on fixing that.

    Gear used:
    - My Frankenbass (Fender J-neck, Alder Warmoth body, Hanson P/J NeoPunch pickup set, Circle K rounds)

    - EBMM Sterling H (during the intro part, DR Hi-Beams .105)

    - Big Muff Pi (only during the intro part....that sonar sounding stuff is actually coming from the studio monitors into my Sterling's pickup with the Big Muff on. It was accidental, but we're keeping it :D)

    - Fender TBP-1 Preamp (I use this for the overdrive during the entire song, including the doubled bass track in the beginning; DI'd)

    - dbx 160A

    - Cubase
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