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  1. My band is about to lose its practice space, and none of us live in a place that would permit the room and/or noise level that comes with rehearsal. Any ideas on where we could go instead? Renting a studio is out of the question because we meet frequently and even cheap per visit charges would add up way too quickly. We've been kicking around the idea of renting a storage unit and practicing there.
  2. I looked in to something along those lines. The bigges problem is the lack of a real drum kit which can create bad habits and might cause transitional issues later. And it still presents the problem of space. We work better and more productively if we can rehearse and write songs the same way we play live which doesn't allow us to negotiate our way around the dining room table. Interesting thought though, thanks. :)
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    You need to rent warehouse space. Sometimes, there are places such as this where numerous bands rent space. You rent by the month, and pay collectively. Only band members get keys, and no one should ever be there without the other members' knowledge.
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    We rent a room above a BBQ joint. We generally don't play until about 8pm to keep everyone happy, since they close early at about 9. No other musicians or bands renting in the building, which makes me happy because I don't trust them.

    Look for other places that have space for rent that aren't band warehouses, and you'll find something. Someone is hungry enough to let you give them a couple hundred for their empty office space.
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    yeah man, never trust a musician :mad:
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    Actually, that's good advice.

  7. Short term, maybe you can find someone with a vacant house or office space you could practice in. Long term, you're going to have to rent somewhere.