New Sterling Ray 35 issues

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  1. I recently purchased a new Sterling Ray 35 Blue Quilted Maple (Made in Korea) that has a few issues that I wonder can be addressed without me having to return it. Firstly, the strings don't even come close to lining up over the poles. I originally thought the neck need a slight shift in the right direction but this doesn't fix the issue. It seems the the bridge was mounted slightly too far to the right since the saddles grooves don't line up with the pickup poles. There is also a large gap on the left side of the neck pocket. There was quite a bit of debris under the nut slots which were poorly done that I had to remove since it was causing two strings to be slightly raised. This all has me questioning quality control or lack of at Sterling. Has anyone else had similar problems with their Sterling Rays?

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    How does the instrument sound? I'd probably just exchange or return it.
  3. It actually sounds really good. I removed one of the large screws that keeps the saddles in place and moved the strings over the pickups temporarily and there was an improved difference as far as volume and tone.