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New Stingray ....help

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gafbass02, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. gafbass02


    Nov 9, 2005
    cheltenham uk
    Hi all, I just picked up my first 'Ray a '97 model refinished (badly) in black with a black pearl scratchplate. I bought the bass primarily as a back up for my Warwick FNA Jazzman, which is fitted with a seymour duncan alnico mm style humbucker and seymour duncan active preamp.
    Ive found that the 'ray is going to need a bit of work, (and a respray!) i have to play down tuned in both my bands which is a major pain esp with my heavy right hand technique, and this bass seems to have a lot of fret rattle, so at the minute its got a pretty high action, also the jack socket tends to cut out, but that should be an easy fix.
    However, after taking her to the studio last night for a rehearsal i found that although the sound was great, i was so chuffed that it sounded like all those recorings you know, Flea, RATM, Neds, Cass Lewis etc but it lacked weight and punch next to my Warwick.
    So im thinking if i add one of the seymour duncan humbuckers and the seymour duncan stingray (3 band) preamps to it, will it still sound like a 'ray, only with the balls and punch of my FNA, or will it just not sound like a 'Ray anymore, which is a sound i love, i just need 'more'!, also the A and D polepieces are very high and the edges are quite sharp, on the duncan they are flush, so less clacking, and less risk of injury!!
    It was the sound of a stingray that made me pick up bass in the first place so i want that sound, but from a practical point of view i need to match up with the other, sorry for the long post, any thoughts?...................
  2. gafbass02


    Nov 9, 2005
    cheltenham uk
    OK i know you lot like pics so heres one, only prob is it has one overweight, tired looking basist in it!

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