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  1. I am very into my slap bass, funk stuff but also really into rage against the machine and the chilli peppers bass styles.

    I was wondering, does anyone know what strings they use, or anyone got any ideas about THE strings to use for this style of music?

    I find myself playing a RHCP song but sometimes jsut can't quite get the twangy sound etc. maybe its my playing, maybe flea is just too amazing or maybe it's my strings

    Ive heard alot about ernie ball strings, what would you recommend?

    I play a Fender Jazz bass Duluxe MIM
  2. awall


    Oct 30, 2006
    I was just about to post when I saw this. I am playing an MIM Deluxe Jazz and have not been happy with it's over all tone. I tried Fender nickels, steel, and flat. I have had D'addario nickel and steel. Today I finally threw down some money and picked up a set of DR MM Fat Beams. Thay are awesome! I was just about to sell this bass or order new pick ups and pre amp for. Now I don't feel the need to change anything. They work in all genres. I am not a slapper, but I couldn't stop myself this morning. I even slapped a slow blues jam. Kill some treble and they are as smooth sounding as my flats. throw in some mids, and the grind rock all night long. Check them out. Just Strings has a DR sale on now.
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    Oct 15, 2008
    Metro Detroit
    Fat beams are definitely awesome strings! They came on my new (used) Stingray and I'm loving them! Now, to see how long they last for me. Amazing tome from these strings and they're smoother than most stainless strings I've tried. Nicely aggressive sounding!