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  1. Yes. I just got back from Daddy's. I had just put a mint condition used Ampeg BSE 410 hlf cab, and a brand new QSC RMX 850.

    I am esctatic, but I am in a big pile, for I am now 900 in debt.
  2. Daddy's Junky Music?

    That is a good place if your looking for used stuff in New England, especially if you're looking for an Ibanez...
    But seriously I pretty regularly look at their used gear list and even bought my Peavey TNT there, which they happily shipped from a store of their's in New Hampshire methinx just so I could try it out.


    PS- they have a lot of Peavey amps too.
  3. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    You've inspired me I'm gonna bite the bullet and get another GS-112 and then I'll be $785.98 in the hole!! sometimes it sounds good being in the hole.
  4. No prob.;)
  5. Preperation H ??