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New SX BG-180 Black Fretless / Gold Hardware

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by AJL56, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. AJL56


    Oct 29, 2004
    Hello all..

    New to the forum and thought I would begin with an assessment of my new fretless. But first I would like to thank all those having posted about Kurt of Rondo and his products that prompted my purchase. My thanks also goes out to Kurt for providing such fine products at a outrageously low price.

    The bass arrived in timely fashion, purchased off of ebay. It was double boxed and double wrapped plus a additional single wrap covering the "flatwound strings". Nice touch.

    Assembly is very close to flawless. The black with gold hardware stunning. Pots are without noise. Tuners seem well made. Straight neck with good action and intonation out of the box. Well fitted neck pocket. Weight comes in at a very light and comfortable 6.8 lbs. An Ax you could gig with all night and be ready for more.

    Unplugged the bass tone comes thru nicely. Plugged in provides a nice bottom on the P pup and good tone from the J.
    Sustain is good. I wasn't sure whether the detented tone control was working without a preamp but the sounds were on par with most Fenders I've played. When you preamp this bass the pups come alive with sustain for days. The tone pot has a broad sweep covering all the range most players seek.

    I did a setup after intial tuning and play. This bass was made for a very low string action setting. Made adjustments without ever touching the truss rod. Intonation and pup adjustment followed providing me with a very playable instrument. Played thru 2 x 12's SS or 1 x 12 Tube made me a believer. Kurt makes fine basses and at $165.00 delivered, a "Steal" for the money to be sure~

    Music has always been my love. I began playing as a kid of 12, now 56. Bass, Keys and Guitar (Elec & Acoustic) Alto and Tenor Sax are my groove and something I just picked up as I am ear trained, can't read a note. Jazz, Blues, Funk and Country.

    Thanks again to all those contributors, the Forum and to Rondo Music! You made my day!!