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New Taylor Bass - Need Help Selecting Strings

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by TaylorBass, Aug 4, 2001.

  1. I recently purchased a Taylor AB1 acoustic bass, and would like some advice from
    those on this forum who have an opinion as to what strings would work best on this instrument.
    I also own a Taylor 414KCE guitar, and have been quite happy with Elixir Nanoweb strings on it.
    I'll be using the bass for folk, pop and country tunes. We play in some venues that don't allow amps,
    so I would be interested in your views regarding getting the maximimum volume from the instrument
    "unplugged". I have done a bit of research, and it seems like Elixir, DR, and Tomastik are winners.
    Thanks in advance for your input . . .
  2. jimclark68


    Dec 16, 2000
    Morganton, NC
    I have a Tacoma CB-10 and have been experimenting with strings for it. It came from the factory with Elixir polyweb AEB strings. I liked the sustain and punch, but I did not like the noise or the "greasy" feel of the polyweb coating. They were also very high-tension, which doesn't jive well with my small hands/fingers. FInally, I wasn't wild about how they sounded amplified, although they have the best and loudest unamplified sound of any of the strings I've tried. I also tried some flatwound and halfwound strings (GHS, D'Addario) and was not overly impressed. The GHS Precision Flats were very nice but too dark, and the halfwounds were brighter but very abrasive. I have since settled on the TI Jazz flats. Nice smooth feel, dark tone, but great sustain and volume for a flatwound string. They are very low tension, which is a plus for me but a minus for some. I do not like phosphor-bronze acoustic strings, they sound great for a day or two then go dead, plus they turn my fingers green.
  3. ezrs


    Sep 24, 2008
    try labella tapewounds, i have them on my rob allen and they are very comfortable
  4. Slowgypsy

    Slowgypsy 4 Fretless Strings

    Dec 12, 2006
    NY & MA
    I tried several different types of strings on my Tacoma Thunderchief, and much to my surprise settled on D'Addario Chromes. I may have sacrificed a bit of volume, but there's no finger noise which I found amazingly annoying.
  5. Steve Whitman

    Steve Whitman

    Sep 4, 2000
    I've been using TI Jazz Flats on my fretless AB-3 for years and love them. You will probably not be loud enough to be heard without at least some amplification, though that would depend on your lineup. No ABG is.

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