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New to 5 strings

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Nomadic Herder, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. I'm on the verge of getting a new 5 string, a G&L L2500. It's 34" scale and through-body. I've been using Roto 66's, which have a ton of zing. I want clarity without being obnoxiously bright. I'm thinking nickel roundwounds.

    As for size, I used 45-105 on my 4's. I'd like to have that or 50-105 for the top 4 strings on my 5. Would a 130 B work with that sort of set?

    And finally, what sets are out there that would have these qualifications? (Nickel, clear tone, either 45 or 50 G) Thanks.
  2. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Consider GHS. I never bought the actual "GHS" brand. But I have bought them, essentially, by buying "Lakland" and "Pedulla" strings. They're just GHS's under a different name.

    The "steeliness" and "piano zing" have been short-lived for me with those strings.

    DR "Marcus" are another definitely worth consideration. Big mids and bottom.

    Also, if your preamp is adjustable, don't overlook its settings.
  3. LoJoe


    Sep 5, 2002
    Concord, NC USA.
    Don't know where you're getting your G&L. Mine came new with SIT light gauge strings which I didn't like much at all. They were just too rubber bandy. For now, until I get the feel of a 5 string more, I am burning up a basic set of Fender 8250/5 Nickel Plated's in Medium They have a nice mellow sound and aren't floppy. The B string seems pretty tight too. One thing to note is that if you move to a larger B string, the through the body hole may be too small. I had to drill mine out ever so slightly in order to fit the Fender string through. I think it's a .128 or .130. This was a scary thing on a brand new bass, but it took less than 5 seconds just to make the hole slightly larger. Your results may vary.
  4. Would a taperwound B fix the problem of the through body hole being too small?
  5. It would definitely help IMO.
    But I personally dislike and do not use taperwounds, so I am not a good expert.

    Clarity without being obnoxiously bright = NICKEL ROUNDWOUNDS.

    Fodera steels are great, but a little too bright, especially on the G&L, which I've personally found to be an agressive machine, at least that is what it sounds like when I'm using it. LOL. If I eventually get a custom bass, I will use Foderas becuase of their tight tension (MAN I LOVE THAT.)

    Anyways, a .130 B is a good B to have with a .105 E. Ideally, I like .135's (or a Fodera .130), but not many makers make .135's. PLUS, KEEP IN MIND STRING TENSION DEPENDS DRASTICALLY ON THE BRAND.
  6. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

    As mentioned, nickel rounds.

    I use d'Addario XL series on my Modulus Quantum 5. Quite a few different gauges available.

    You might also consider the nickel DRs (Sunbeams, Lo-Riders).
  7. What are the differences between the various DR lines?
  8. Well, the Slowounds are very warm and toneful. The XL's are brighter but not obnoxious.

    That's about all I know. I wanna try those Half-Rounds on a fretless.

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