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new to bass and the forum

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by villhelmromero, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. villhelmromero


    Oct 12, 2013
    so I've been playing guitar for 12 or 13 years and last month decided to take on the bass. so far I've aquired a whole setup. I got a deal on a full stack in excellent condition. the owner claimed that it belonged to creeds ex bass player before they were famous. I don't know who that would be nor do I believe the story one bit. anyhoo... it's a peavey max bass 450 head with Hartke vx410 and vx215 cabinets. got it all for $375 and its pretty much immaculate. so then I found a sweet ass red yamaha bb415 5 string bass with p/j pickup configuration. 1 volume 1 tone and 3 way pickup selector. also in awesome condition except for the nut broke on the B string sooooo I put a brass nut on it and changed it from beadg to eadgb so the slots on the nut fit . size strings. cost was $300 for the Yamaha. then I found a NOS (new old stock) line 6 bass pod XT pro rack unit for $200. so totalling out with the 2 $25 speaker cables I got for the cabs I got a stage rig that sounds excellent for $925. not too bad if you ask me. so as far as playing I'm not going to put much time in learning to play with my fingers because I am well off with a pick and flaminco finger style. I got really good geddy lee and justin chancellor tones with the line 6 and I can switch around instantly. any sound advice (pun intended) on tones, playing, ect... is welcome. and thanks for having me :D
  2. Welcome! Nice bunch of gear you acquired.

    Your tuning - EADGB - is a habit from your guitar days. Time to tune - EADGC -

    And have fun!
  3. villhelmromero


    Oct 12, 2013
    yeah its totaly habit, but I think I'm gonna stick with it. and thanks for the welcome
  4. I'm an old 6 string rhythm guy - and use my thumb. Works find for me. Did not like the sound of the pick, so just went with out it and used my thumb like a pick.

    Guitar folds right into the bass. Right at first I'd recommend you concentrate on playing harmony bass and leave the lead breaks to the treble clef guys. Harmony bass is playing the chord tones, one note at a time to the beat of the song. You will have to look at your fretboard a little different, but, it's not a big learning curve. Two things helped me.

    1) If your are using standard tuning Place your tonic root note on the next to bottom string; where is your IV root note? Up a string same fret. Where is your V root, note? Down a string same fret. That was a big WOW for me. Makes I-IV-V songs a piece of cake.

    2) The major scale box and I are old friends. Notice it's the same as the bottom 4 strings on your 6 string guitar.

    Major Scale Box. 
    G|---2---|-------|---3---|---4---| 1st string
    E|-------|---R---|-------|---2---|4th string[code]
    We play chord tones one note at a time.  You are on a C - where is C's 5th?  Up a string and over two frets or just below the C on the next string down.  Yep the 5th [u]of any note you are on[/u] is up a string and over two frets or just below the note on the next string down.
    You are on a D note where is it's 3?  Up a string and back one fret.  Where is it's 7?  Up two strings and over one fret.  Where would it's b7 be?  Up two strings same fret. 
    My point.  Want to play the chord tones of any chord -  Where is it's root?  Where is it's 3?  Where is it's 5?  Where is it's 7?  It's not rocket science the chord's notes are always in the same spot - relative to the root - waiting on you.  Like that all over your fretboard.   That really helped me see my job as a bassist in a new light. 
    Have fun.
  5. villhelmromero


    Oct 12, 2013
    oh and also I'm really into the prog style like rush, yes, tool, symphony x, opeth, mastodon, between the buried and me, and pretty much anything prog. so I'm gonna try to learn complicated things. I already play prog pretty well on guitar. I jist need to get use to the longer scale of a bass.
  6. villhelmromero


    Oct 12, 2013
  7. fearceol


    Nov 14, 2006
    Learning some basic theory never did anyone any harm, but has certainly helped a lot of people (yours truely...for one ;)) to understand, appriciate, and enjoy music a lot more.

    Here is a link, in case you'd like to make a start :

    http://www.billygreen.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/Music Theory - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced.pdf
  8. OK, lets back up a bit and take another look at this.

    First theory is best learned from a theory paper while sitting in an easy chair, with your instrument close at hand. Thirty minutes a day, every day, for the next couple of months. A number 2 pencil for notes in the margins is recommended. Asking general theory questions on the Internet will get you bits and pieces of the story. Bits and pieces confuse more than help. You need to start on page one of that paper fearceol gave you. Speed read till you have to slow down. What you read today may not sink in till you read something a week from now and THEN the light will come on. It's a journey best taken one step at a time. Now asking specific questions on the Internet; those can be answered.

    www.stidybass.com will be a friend.
    The book "Bass Guitar for Dummies, no pun intended, will have all the beginning "stuff" you need to get started on the bass guitar. I do not recommend the Kendal version, you need the DVD that comes with book for how things are supposed to sound.

    Good luck.

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