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New to Bass...Need AMP help

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by creamofjoshsoup, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. creamofjoshsoup


    Aug 10, 2005
    hi guys, im new to playin. Could i get some opinions on a decent starter amp. I have a BC Rich Bronze Warlock. So any help would be nice. thanks
  2. Do you just want a small practice amp? If so... it'll cost around $100.00 (US)

    I have older model of this Crate, and it's still going strong after 2 years.

    Fender makes this one...

    Ibanez makes this one...

    But, check out MusiciansFriend.com and get a good idea of all the companies that make bass amps, and the price.
  3. If you're not doing a lot of major gigging I'd recommend something small and easy to move. Yorkland makes a real nice 10" combo that will fill a room nicely. XM50c I believe, or The Hartke kick backs and Behringer combos are pretty affordable and sound nice. Depends on your price range really...
  4. creamofjoshsoup


    Aug 10, 2005
    looking for a 12" speaker. playin with a couple of others. something maybe 60-120w
  5. With drummers you need atleast 100 watts and a 15 inch speaker (as long as you don't have crazy guitarists).

    If it's just guitarists, a 12 inch speaker with around 60 watts will be perfect. If it's just for jamming with a single guitarist, I wouldn't spend mroe than $150. You might even be able to play in a small jazz band if the chance comes by.
  6. If you have a 150 watt amp with a 12" speaker, and one with a 15" Will the bigger speaker be louder? Or does it matter?
  7. you can get a peavey basic 112, which has about 60 watts i think. i played with two guitarists and a drummer just jamming in my friends basement, and it held up very fine. actually, sometimes my friends would tell me to turn it down some. just as long as everybody's not crankin it you should have more than enough power.
  8. I'm not an expert on these things, but I'm pretty sure that the 15 will be louder, being the settings on both amps are the same. The reason being is because the 15 inch speaker has more area, which pushes more air around, which results in a louder volume.
  9. I have a Fender BXR60 with a 12" speaker. Sucks. No highs, no lows out of the 12, and, I agree with Da Lady in Red, definitely not enough power to play with a drummer. Also depends on the music you play. Do you need "punch" or deep mellow tones? You can learn a lot from the people on the forum.
  10. jrock111


    Oct 10, 2000
    Check out the newer Bassman 150. Big improvement over the older BXR and the recent Bassman series. 150 watts, 12" Eminence speaker, cool features and portable. I have the Bassman 250/115 and its a great amp. Ampeg combos are really nice sounding amps also. Check out the BA-115 and the B100R. Both are rated at !00 watts and have a 15" speaker. I reccomend the Fender but of course, try a few
  11. Bassliner


    Mar 15, 2005
    Just one tip: Don't take an amp that's too small.
    You're going to play in a band, right?
    Then you need at least 100-120watts.
    I started out with rock/grunge, first I had a Torque 100w combo with a 15" speaker, then a year later I had to get something new because the Torque got screwed up from me driving it too loud. I got a Hartke Kickback 15" 120w combo amp, which lasted me a long long time, and I still have it. Practically indestructable, and just enough for bandpractice and gigs with PA, or small gigs.
    Those Kickbacks aren't expensive, and they're pretty versatile.
    I don't know how much money you have to spend, but I'd like to advise you to buy what you can. I saw you'd like 12" speakers, maybe it's a good idea to buy a Hartke HA3500 amp, and buy speakers seperately. The "louder" combos usually come with either 1x15 or 2x10. If you buy seperate 12" speakers, you'd be able to get a pretty loud, yet portable rig. Just make sure you get your ohms right.
    My big suggestion:
    HA3500 (350w @ 4ohm) + 2x12" (300-400w @ 4ohm) or 2 seperate 12"s each being 150-250w @ 8ohm.
    My small suggestion:
    Hartke Kickback combo with 15" alu speaker. These also come with a 12" at the same 120watts, but I have no experience with that one. I've heard people say that's the best version though.
    Whatever you decide, good luck and have fun playing!
  12. Rav


    Dec 29, 2004
    Aurora, IL
    A15" will not be louder than a 12". It will however produce a higher sound pressure level.

    It will also have a lower frequency response allowing it to produce lower frequency/longer waveform sounds with better clarity and less distortion.