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New to bass playing

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by mldavis, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. mldavis


    Jul 22, 2013
    South Wales, UK
    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum and playing bass and I'm looking for some recommendations on a book/DVD for learning to play.

    I've played the guitar off an on for the last 15 years so I know the basics, but looking for something to progress me and get me heading in the right direction.

  2. fearceol


    Nov 14, 2006
    Hi, and welcome to Talk Bass ! :)

    There is lots of useful information on this site in the Stickys at the top, both here and in the "General Instruction" forum. You might like to look through these.

    As for books, one that is always recommended here on TB is Hal Leonard's "Bass Method". You can get all three volumes in one spiral bound edition. Each has it's own CD.


    Not sure about DVD's but a great site is : www.studybass.com

    These should get you off to a good start and keep you busy for a while.

    Best of luck, and welcome to the "low end". :bassist:
  3. I'm a big fan of Scott Devine's bass lessons. So much so that I bought his entire play-along series and I plan on donating so I get access to the tabs and notations to his lessons.


    Be prepared to get some blisters :D
  4. mldavis


    Jul 22, 2013
    South Wales, UK
    Thanks for your replies, I'll take a look at that book and that site.

    I've been looking at Scott Devines website and YouTube channel and think he's excellent, so will be using him also. Is it worth paying for the full package on his website then?

  5. Jhengsman


    Oct 17, 2007
    Los Angeles, CA
    I am sure Scott Devine thinks so. This is just an interesting period in world history where so much stuff is available for free in many cases we buy to support an artist and/or teacher, Scott Devine in this case, as much as we buy for a specific lesson or performance
  6. After you're registered on his site for a while, you should get an email for the packages at 50% off (not sure if I'm supposed to say that). I wasn't going to buy them until I got that email. It was an impulse buy, but made me feel good in the sense that I was supporting him rather than actually purchasing it (as Jhengsman pointed out). I think there is like 4 hours of video plus tabs and backing tracks in every key possible and a range of speeds.

    Stick with the free lessons and then decide from there what you want to do :smug: