New to BG/TB - looking for advice on a rig for practice/jamming

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    I'm a reformed keyboardist who's been playing bass for about 2 months on a Yamaha 765A 5-string using a Peavey 112 combo. Two problems with the Peavey: 1) not enough power for jamming (does anyone else still do this?) with guitar/drums - mostly blues, classic rock, some jazz - and 2) I love that low B string; the amp doesn't.

    I'd like a separate head, say 200-300W, 1 or 2 cab's - don't really like combo's - and I’m looking for lots of different tones, but mostly nice clean lows. It’s pretty much limited to Ampeg, Hartke and G-K, for auditioning 'round these parts (Ottawa, Canada) and the used market here is also limited, so I'll likely buy new.

    I'm in no rush, but I was thinking of something like a 1x15 + 2x10 rig. Would a single 410 cab be a better choice? I'd like to keep the weight of each cab less than about 70 lbs and I thought the 115+210 might be more versatile.

    Any comments, suggestions, advice would be much appreciated. Oh ya, the wife-approved budget is around $1000.

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    You might want to take a look at a Shuttle 6 and a 12" cab. You can get the Shuttle for about $400-450 in the classifieds here. There are lots of threads on this amp here. The amp weighs about 4lbs and the 12" cab is in the 30lb range (maybe less).
    I gig a Shuttle 6 with 2 2x10" cabs (avatar) but am looking at going the route of 2 12" cabs now.
    There are some on TB that feel that mixing cab sizes is not an ideal situation as each cab would really need it's own eq. A 15" would need different eq'ing than say 10"s.
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    michaelandrew The bass player is always right.

    I've heard that about mixing cab's - maybe a 4x10 would be better (good thing I'm not in a rush). I'll add the Shuttle 6 and Avatar to the list.

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    A 210 + 115 rig from the same line of the same manufacturer shouldn't be a big deal. They'll probably (not surely) have similar voicing, similar power handling, and be close in volume. I say no to people who want to add a GK 15" to an Ashdown 410 with an Acoustic 200H head or something.

    I'm a fan of my Mesa 210 + 115 setup. (They are slightly different in voicing but overall very alike.) I can take either cab on it's own if I ever need less and combine them when I want more. A 410 can't be split in half on a by-gig basis. ;)
  5. GK 700RB amp
    GK Neo 112
    add another GK Neo 112 when you have some more bread.
    save up for a SansAmp VT Pedal

    These will give you a very solid set-up, and run you less than 1K. Save up a couple more hun, add another GK Neo112. Bring both cabs for gigs where you're not running through the house; use one for everything else.

    You might find the 112 fits the bill for ALL of your needs...

    This rig is dependable, lightweight, and provides a variety of tones.

    Oh, yeah--- get a SansAmp VT pedal to give you that fat tube tone, for a fraction of the cost/weight. THEN, you'll have one hell of a rig!
  6. My next amp purchase is going to be either the Shuttle 6 or 9 with 2 - 10 cab. I've had a chance to try the Shuttle 6 with their 1 - 12 cab and it sounds awesome. The only reason I want the 2 - 10's (or preferably 2 - 12's if I can afford) is better projection of my on stage sound. I play mostly smaller rooms with no PA support so I need something that projects well without having to be set on 10.

    These used Shuttles sell really quick when they appear here for sale, so be prepared to make an offer right away. You won't be disappointed. Even if you just pick up the head first and then try different cab's with it.
  7. michaelandrew

    michaelandrew The bass player is always right.

    So far that's two suggestions for the Shuttle 6 (the "short list" gets longer) and two for the SansAmpVT - which I hadn't even considered and will definitely look at. I'm still liking the 210 + 115 - any thoughts out there on these possibilities:

    1) G-K: MBE115 + MBE210 (only spec'd down to 51 HZ - will it like the low B?)
    2) Hartke: XL115 + XL210 (spec'd at 30 Hz - anyone tried it?)

    I like Hartke and G-K (and Ampeg) only because there are local dealers and I'm more likely to be able to audition them.

    Thanks to all - this sure is fun - I'm off to practice now.
  8. michaelandrew

    michaelandrew The bass player is always right.

    Try again: any comments on the Hartke or G-K 2x10 + 115 rigs? How about the HA2500? Other suggestions? Thanks.