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    Nov 4, 2012
    So I got one of those with the ebony fretboard on ebay. I love ebony fretboards and always wanted a warwick! This bass is incredible! sounds great! but it was a mess! I sanded down the fretboard and used fret doctor a couple times and the fretboard looks ok now. the body I dont think was ever waxed! I bought some feed n wax orange and bees wax for it. I put it all over the body and back of the neck. the bubinga top sucked it all up! when it did I noticed there was a huge grime and worn spot where you would rest your hand around the pups. so I sanded it with 600 then 1000 then 1500 then 2000 in just that spot and waxed again. left the stuff on for 20 minutes wiped it all off and it still doesnt look that good and you can see the spot where I sanded! so I have waxed it about 5 times now and the top is still sucking it all in ever 20 minutes or so and I can still see the spot where I that spot always going to be there or do I just keep waxing it or leaving it on for a few hours? putting more on whenever it sucks it up/dried out?
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    Welcome to the Warwick family when you say one with an ebony fingerboard do you mean a neck through? A bolt on is normally a wenge board so I assuming you got a NT correct? If a Warwick is played enough you would almost never need to oil and definitely never wax a fingerboard. I live in the north east part of the country so we have hot sticky summers and cold a wicked dry winters with all the heaters on and I still have pretty good success never needing to do much to a fingerboard other than play it. I have had many dings and indentations and almost always have been able to fix them. Can you post a picture of where youÂ’re talking about so we could answer better?
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    Nov 4, 2012
    Yeah I will take some pics when I get home. I spent all day leaving that orange oil bees wax all over it and you can barely see the sand marks....but the bubinga grain hasn't really popped out. Should I sand the top? The wood sucked up all the oil like every 15 minutes I would have to re apply!

    It's a bolt on ebony board. I looked up the serial numbers its a custom shop made for guitar centers 37th anniversary in 2001. They made 150 of them. It plays so incredible! I have 7 basses and I think this is going to be my main player. I love the feel and sound!

    So there was so much grime on the fingerboard and frets I sanded the fretboard down with 600 then 1000 and applied fret doctor. Which is pretty much lemon oil. It smells lemony. Wiped it all down wiped it off then repeated a couple times. The fretboard looks great now I wish I took some before after pics. If you google the 2001 ebony board guitar center bass their bubinga tops look so nice. Mine looks so dull.
    I have a bubinga neck on another bass and it looks incredible!
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    May 15, 2012
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    Sounds like you did a pro job bringing your bass back to a great condition.

    In the future, feel free to message me with all your bass needs and questions.

    Enjoy your bass!


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