New to me Amp - Traynor!

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  1. I've been running with a Sunn Beta Bass combo since the mid 80's, nice amp, solid state and just not quite warm enough for some sounds.
    One the weekend, I was given, by a family member, this amp:

    As you can see from the serial number... it was definately one of the first group that they made! I have the cabinet coming, twin 15 inch drivers, I just have to get a vehicle big enough, to get it home!
  2. Nice :)

    I've wanted an old YBA-1 (or a couple :D) for a while now.
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    It's a 50W amp. It's not going to take you too far for gigging with. The good thing about the old Traynors is that they used Hammond iron that is virtually indestructible.

  4. Beyond that, the circuit is very similar to the '59 Bassman and Marshall JTM45, which means that in-the-know gui****s will be chasing you to get it out of your hands.

    That is a very early YBA-1 with a tube rectifier, so don't let it get away without major compensation.

    -- Dan --
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    Jun 21, 2007
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    I've had four YBA-1's, Two YBA-1A's, two Bassmates, a YBA-3, a Reverb Master and a Guitarmate Reverb. 11 of them over the years. Can I join too?

    I forgot to say - killer looking Bass Master!

  6. Thanks for the feed back folks! I'm surprised that some have suggested that the amp is only 50 watts... I was under the impression that it was 175 watts, based on the info on the back plate. It also sounds about 5 times louder than my 125 watt Sunn head.
    As I know very little to nothing about this head, can anyone shed some light on it's potential value? No, I'm not selling it, I love the tone, but for insurance purposes, I'm wondering what it would go for?
    Also, could you please shed some light on the circuit that the gui****s are going to be interested in? You've peaked my curiosity!
  7. I can only comment on the wattage- I've seen amps w/their consumption- as opposed to their output- listed on the back.
    As for sounding much louder than the Sunn, my experience w/the Beta is that it's not capable of much volume, whereas tubes 'seem' louder for a given wattage. Search one of the myriad tube vs SS flame wars for heated debate on this.
    Congrats on a nice rig.
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    The 175 watts on the back refers to the actual power consumption of the amp, not its output power. Output on that amp is 50 watts.

    They're a nice sounding amp-much better than a Fender Bassman. I even like the sound more than the Ampeg V4B. They have some serious solid low end for a 50 watt amp. They won't play all that loud without breaking up (it's only 50 watts despite them being tube watts, which I've been told are now worth 10 times solid state watts. Last year it was 2 times :meh:) But paired with an efficient speaker cabinet they will serve well for lower volume gigs. I used one at a fairly loud rehearsal in a rehearsal room one time running into a 2x15 Peavey Black Widow cabinet and it managed to keep up, but just barely. At lower volumes it sounded wonderful.
  9. Well, I picked up the matching cabinet yesterday, it too is in original shape... including I believe, one of it's two 15 inch drivers being dusted.
    I had to wait for a week to get it, as the back window in my GMC Jimmy was jammed and I couldn't fit it in my car!
    As with the head that matches this cabinet, the serial numbers on the back of the box are only four digits!
    I'll try and get a pic up soon!
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    Sep 14, 2007
    How come the only thing my relatives give me are hives?
  11. " How come the only thing my relatives give me are hives? "
    I would suggest spending less time with them! Seemed to work very well for me! LOL
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    Nice amp. Ive got my eyes open for a nice old Traynor. This link might be of interest to you: Link
  13. Thanks for that Bulltrout! (us fish heads have to stick together!)
    Based on that link, my amp/cabinet combo is dated from 1969! As I live literally one mile from the Yorkville head office/factory, I'm gonna stop by and see what they recommend as replacement drivers for the cabinet as one of the 15 inch drives is pooched!
  14. Bulltrout

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    Jun 13, 2007
    Edmonton, Alberta
    My pleasure. Keep us up to date on what you do with the cab.
  15. Firstly, sorry, no pics of the cabinet as of yet... took the back off of it as I was told I should expect one of the drivers to be blown... noticed the wiring seemed a little loose, tightened it up and after a brief once over, closed it up, plugged it all in and no noise, buzzing or anything nasty, just a nice warm sound!
    I'm loving it!