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new (to me) Cirrus 5 bubinga, pics included!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by MMiller28, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. MMiller28


    Apr 27, 2003
    I recieved my Cirrus 5 with bubinga top today. I bought it from TB'er Scott D for $825 shipped. Props to Scott for a great packing job. The bass arrived in perfect condition as Scott had stated. I bought this bass without ever playing a Cirrus. Basically I based my decision off the huge number of positive reviews here on TB, and I'm glad I did. Here are the specs for anyone that doesnt know (from the Peavey website):

    35 inch scale
    2 VFL™ active pickups
    Active 3-band EQ with +/- 10 dB boost/cut
    Gold hardware
    Milled ABM™ multi-adjustable bridge
    Pau Ferro fretboard
    Graphite reinforced neck with dual expanding truss rod
    Graphite overlay on headstock
    Hand-rubbed oil finish on walnut and buginga

    I've only gotten to play it for about an hour now, but I'm totally blown away. The slap sound is absolutely ridiculous. Fingerstyle tones are wonderful too, with nice even tone from string to string. It has a very unique tone when played with a pick...unlike anything I've ever played before. The playability is great. Slapping is much easier than on my old Conklin GT5. It's very light (9.00 lbs.) and balances very well.

    I do have a concern or two though.
    1) There appears to be no truss rod anywhere (???) even though you can see it is listed in the features.
    2) The "graphite overlay on headstock" isn't graphite at all, it seems to be painted black. (minor detail)

    If anyone can give me some information about the above items, I'd appreciate.

    And now, without further adeu (did I spell that right?), the pics:

  2. Schwinn


    Dec 4, 2002
    Sarasota, FL
    Glad you bought that bass! I wanted it too. Hmmm....the truss rod should be in the usual place, accessible on the front of the headstock. Loosen the strings to move them out of the way and then remove the triangular truss rod cover. You will need the right size allen wrench to adjust it but you should wait a few days to let the bass acclimate to its new home before you touch the truss rod.

    As for the "graphite" overlay, yeah its kind of cheesy but it's not so bad. It does look black from a distance.

    Enjoy the bass! BTW, I agree about the slap tone! It's fantastic.
  3. MMiller28


    Apr 27, 2003
    so THAT'S what that triangular thing is for!
  4. Papersen

    Papersen Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2002
    Looks great. Try to post some clips.

    Congrats again.

    And welcome to the Cirrus Club.
  5. Enjoy your Cirrus, I absolutely love mine(I never thought I'd say that about a Peavey). Post some clips, for all to hear.
  6. Vorago

    Vorago (((o)))

    Jul 17, 2003
    Antwerp, Belgium
    if it wasn't for the gold hardware, I'd buy one right away...isn't their a Cirrus without that Hardware?
  7. Vic

    Vic There's more music in the nuance than the notes. Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Central Illinois
    Staff, Bass Gear Magazine
    FYI, that bass used to be mine. I bought it new from a local dealer, who's also a buddy of mine. Took it down from the wall and it never went back up again. Couldn't believe the tone and resonance from such a light bass. Action was great right off the shelf, too.

    GAS forced me to part with this bad boy, but I'll tell you what, I still miss it, and will very likely get another Cirrus 5 someday. I'll prolly get a maple top one next, tho. Played a 6'er recently and it only reminded me how much I miss this one. I have other great basses, so I'm not totally jones'n, but someday... :)

    Enjoy your new bass. It's awesome.
  8. LajoieT

    LajoieT I won't let your shadow be my shade...

    Oct 7, 2003
    Western Massachusetts
    Hey man, Congrats on a great bass. SWEET Price too. Good thing I didn't see if up for sale or you might not have it and my wife might have kicked me out of the house...

    Here's my pics of it's little Brother...
  9. Vic

    Vic There's more music in the nuance than the notes. Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Central Illinois
    Staff, Bass Gear Magazine
    My buddy also has a nice Cirrus 5 Redwood/Alder with a pretty impressive flamed top on it, as well, and would cut a great deal on it. FYI. I've played it and it's great. I chose the Bubinga because it was a little brighter sounding, which I liked. The Redwood one was a little more "vintage" sounding (which is it's intent). I will say, it was a TOUGH choice. I'll see if I can dig up a picture of it, but I'm pretty sure he'd sell it for around 1K, and it's BRAND NEW (though old stock). At today's prices, that's LESS than 1/2 price!
  10. Vic

    Vic There's more music in the nuance than the notes. Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Central Illinois
    Staff, Bass Gear Magazine
    Actually, FYI, that overlay (carbon fiber?) is functional... for resonance, and it really works. Otherwise, Peavey would cut costs and just paint it black. That stuff is expensive, and is not really that visible (as you point out), so it can't be for looks.

    Remember the brass plates you used to be able to get for Fenders which went on the back of the headstock? They usually either removed or at least reduced the effects dead spots on the neck, which Fenders are (in)famous for. When you have a bass with this little mass, tricks like these make a huge diff. Don't take my word for it, tho... play a Cirrus and see for yourself. :)
  11. Congrats on your new Cirrus 5!

    I have a Cirrus 5 Maple Peacock Blue, and I just love it, the best B I've ever heard, with plenty of growl!
  12. Scott D

    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
    Minneapolis, MN
    Awesome man, I'm glad you like it. Huge props to Fedex... I shipped it Ground, and it got there in 1 day... Yeah, to see the graphite, you've got to look at it in the light.
  13. MMiller28


    Apr 27, 2003
    As Scott said, I have noticed the graphite. I do in fact half to hold it basically 6 inches from a lamp to see it, but it's there. Thanks for the info guys.
  14. just got my Cirrus 6 Redwood 2 nights ago....man this thing blows just about anything I've ever played out of the water...esp for the price!!! I LOVE MINE!!!!!!!
  15. Busk


    Jan 31, 2002
    Uh....uh, I'd play that.

    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Staff Member Supporting Member

    Congrads, nice bass :bassist: . If i ever went to 6 string i would probably get the Peavy Cirrus to start out.
  17. Getao


    Jun 17, 2004
    Menlo Park, CA
    my ONLY complaint with my fretless 5er cirrus is that the knobs for tone control and the eq settings fell off really early on.

    I don't know whether that is the result of maybe being played too much at the store or what, but it is just a minor annoyance to me :p