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New track by The Now- comments welcomed

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by The Mock Turtle Regulator, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. the track is "Star of angels",

    (on my own page as opposed to the one for The Now due to singer/guitarist's laziness:rolleyes: - i got fed up waiting for him to upload it so did it myself)

    this one's got a bit of a Led Zep "Kashmir" feel to it.
    (also there's a Boss CEB3 chorus on my bass for effects-users;) )
  2. anyone up for offering a critique?

    I'm especially interested in views on the mix, as I mixed it myself on my PC, and have as a result had to contend with the (insert suitable term to refer to disagreable person) drummer moaning about the snare not being loud enough etc.....:rolleyes:
  3. I'll check it out later tonight when I'm at home... I'm at school now
  4. ldiezman


    Jul 11, 2001
    I am listening to it now.. I like it.. but I think there is too much distortion used at times.. Maybe its because I'm not used to it.. The bass sounds good however.
  5. too much distortion? do you mean on the guitars?
    there's some odd wind effect noises and sounds added in as well.
  6. geshel


    Oct 2, 2001
    Reminds me both of the Doors and mellower Soundgarden.

    The mix. . .got headphones on, and it's "hi-fi" mp3 afterall, which mushes everthing together to my ears. Given that, the snare actually could use a little more high-end (not louder, though) - or maybe it's lost in the mp3 encoding? Sounds pretty solid though overall, including the bass playing.
  7. the trouble with this track, and the band in general, is that the guitarist tends to go overboard with guitar overdubs, and extra tracks- the temptation that comes from having unlimited tracks on PC recording.
    the result- something gets buried usually, although in this case not the bass as I mixed the track;)

    the drums were a big compromise due to the way they were recorded- onto my Tascam 414 cassette 4track to a guide guitar(not recorded), then mixed down to stereo into my PC.
    hence it was guesswork setting the levels for the mix of the drums, and the level of reverb on the snare.
    the wav. mix sounds better, esp. the clarity of the high end- I think it's the 128kbs mp3 compression that mushes the highs.

    the ****wit drummer was moaning about the snare not being loud enough- that he's "a heavy hitter and it makes me sound like I'm hitting the snare softly", and started going off on one about "the drums should be a featured instrument as in Led Zeppelin- as loud as the vocal".

    anyway, thanks to the deranged insecure control-freak drummer and the terminally lazy guitarist/singer, it looks like this might be the last recording that ever gets finished with me in the band. (the drummer wants to kick me out, even though he doesn't write any of the material, while the guitarist is too much of a wimp to stand up to him)
    thanks to those who gave it a listen.

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