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new tune from my kinda jazz group (now with more bass content)

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by narud, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. narud

    narud Supporting Member

    Mar 15, 2001
    santa maria,california
    this is from a rehearsal this last saturday morning. its a new tune of mine we're working on and it still needs work ;) the melodies arent as tight as they should be but i thought the bass playing was ok so i thought i would post it. here 'tis

    someone has to

    the last set of studio tunes didnt have any bass solos as i dont like to force them into my tunes, but this one was calling me :D
  2. Sounds great man. A lot of 'kinda jazz' like this is incredibly boring with changes consisting of about 2 chords but this is good stuff. Good drummer too.
  3. Juneau


    Jul 15, 2004
    Dallas, TX.
    I really dig it man. Great bass tone and playing. Drummer is also very good.

    Let us know if you get some more stuff up, Id look forward to hearing it.
  4. kyo


    Jul 6, 2004
    damn man. love your playing! keep it up
  5. Sounds great, good job
  6. unregistered

    unregistered unregistered

    Jun 18, 2004
    for the benefit of the compulsive transcribers in the audience, can you tell us a little bit about what you are doing in your solo?
  7. most excellent. what bass did you do it on?
  8. phxlbrmpf


    Dec 27, 2002
    Cool tune, great playing! My guess is that the bass's a Warwick.
  9. Feda

    Feda Screwed up pitch

    Jan 12, 2004
    Bergen, Norway
    Great stuff man, really enjoyed this tune! You'r bass sounds a lot like my Warwick LX5 Jazzman. Damn cool solo as well man!
    Keep it up.
  10. narud

    narud Supporting Member

    Mar 15, 2001
    santa maria,california
    thanks guys. the bass in question is my fodera 5. as for the solo, its all mostly pretty inside. its pretty representative of what i do most of the time which is chromatics/approach notes/pentatonics/and some occasional altered for color.
  11. unregistered

    unregistered unregistered

    Jun 18, 2004
    you bass guessers crack me up. i dont think naruds sound has got a whole heck of a lot to do with the bass he is playing. did you hear this guys chops?
  12. fiebru1119


    Mar 2, 2004
    Orlando, FL

    i love the tone you have.. also, the "outside the box" approach in your note selections, they work very well
  13. PunkerTrav


    Jul 18, 2001
    Canada & USA
    Wow! Great playing! Much more bass and much less sax than the last round of tunes you posted. Me like. :D

  14. What can I say, man...that is just like I wanna sound:D
    Seriously, I love your tone. I dig your tone. Is there any secrets behind it? Besides what's in your fingers, off course. But now and then, I hear some bass players with a similar kind of sound.
    Your playing is also very digable. Extremely cool.
  15. dodgy_ian


    Apr 9, 2001
    Newcastle, UK

    nice solo, bit outside the box, intresting ideas and notes!!!

  16. Loved that dude - completely my bag - as Austin P might say - love that tone as well as the tasty chops - more please.
  17. FR5


    Feb 12, 2004
    oh man, this totally freaks me out, great chops, I absolutely dig this type of music. Put in on a CD, I'll buy it!

    "worth the weight-original jazz group. 2nd and 4th weds,@blue, san luis obispo, ca"

    Next time I am in California I will definitely spent a night in SLO.

    Are you playing through the epi's on this take?

    grtz steven
  18. narud

    narud Supporting Member

    Mar 15, 2001
    santa maria,california
    thanks! im playing through the epi 210 on this clip as thats the only thing ive been playing through lately. ive never actually taken the 410 on a gig yet.

    also thanks for the quote which reminds me that i need to take that gig notice out of my profile since that place got rid of all live music :bawl:
  19. FR5


    Feb 12, 2004
    I prefer the epi 112 to the epi 210 as stand alone cab (but I try to use both together as much as possible of course!)

    I did actually spent a night in San Luis Obispo, about 2 years ago. Had dinner in an authentic Moroccan restaurant in the city centre, know the place? Next time I'm in the neigbourhood I will contact you in advance, would be great to meet you and hear your music in person.

    Keep it coming, peace, steven