New Tuning Machines

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  1. I'm about to get new tuners for my Squier Bronco Bass, so that the tuners won't raddle. (cheap @$$ parts) now will i be able to slap (no pun intented) some open gear tuning machine? like the ones they put on fender J and P basses? or will i have to get custom made ones? heres a pic.
  2. and another one
  3. There's a good solution but the viabilty will definitely depend on how large that headstock is. I haven't seen a Squier Bronco before so it's hard to tell from your pics but if it is approaching the same size as a P or J then you'll be in business.

    Go to and look at their economy tuners. I have used these on my custom bass and they are fabulous. They have the large posts and elephant ear keys with a fairly short shaft. They have a cast chassis and the best feature of all is the ADJUSTABLE gear lash. They have an allen socket under the worm gear that can be tightened to compensate for wear should it occur. They can be had for about $35 for the set and come with bushings and screws. You'll have to enlarge your post holes but that's fairly easy. You really should try a set.
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