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New used Vigier Arpège fretless ( pic )

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by nanookanono, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. I have been searching one year for Best sound on fretless ever heard by me : Vigier Arpège fretless with metal fretboard. I found it used :hyper: Friday and I picked it up Saturday after 900 km drive.

    It is so nice,… nearly mint, I hardly have the bridge to change ( not a big problem, I can have one new one setup at Vigier's factory )

    This bass is an early one built by Vigier (n° 039) before 1985 ( worth dudetique), with neckthrough 3 stringers Mapple,Walnut, body nice Walnut, Schaller machines, Bénedetti PUs, nice active/passive electronics : preamp by Vigier.
    Thanks delta fretboard the sustain is amazing, quite upright like. :)

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  2. Oh, my.
    I think you, me and about two other people on this board are the only people who like Vigiers. They're worth a 900km (450-mile drive) IMO.
    But are you sure it was made that early? I had a mid-80s Passion with a solid graphite neck and an early-90s Arpege with the 10/90 neck (for the uninitiated, a truss-less maple neck with two inlaid graphite stringers similar to Alembic's walnut stringers). Did the single graphite strip predate these designs?
  3. Hello KUNGfuSHERIFF

    For elder series I from 1980 to 1985 (about) necks were whole wood with phenolic fretboard and a metallic plate under fretboard plus trussrod. Then series II necks were whole carbon/epoxy. Now on series III necks get 90/10 system, which means two carbon stringers for reinforcment and no more trussrods.

    This is what we guess reading from Vigier' web site forum, but answers from Patrice Vigier are rare for he is very busy.

    This one is from series I for sure, cause it's easy to recognize and I got a n° 129 same serie, and my teacher's got a same serie I n° 257.

    We grow information from passionate people for Vigier basses on Bruno Chaza's forum (my teacher).
    We would be very pleased to welcome you there, perhaps could you share pics with us.

    If you write a word, I translate for you
    Best regards
  4. Hello, nanook, greetings from the US, where Vigier instruments are rarer than the proverbial hen's tooth.
    I agree Patrice is busy; he is accurate and polite but brief in his e-mails, like Roger Sadowsky. These men follow a common star, I think. :)
    Thank you for the history lesson, and for the invitation, but alas I have no pictures to share. Unless you will accept a link to Guitar Center, who own my former Arpege? I bought it from Alphonso Johnson, who was a wonderful man, but the bass has found itself in sad environs. It's a great story with a sad ending, I'm afraid.
    My V. Passion was silverburst, a color that should fade beneath the waves of history.
    EDIT--Extra points for the "Dudetique" reference; what's your name there?
  5. I'd like to read more on your Alphonso Johnson's Arpège story, and I'd like to see that GC thread. I'll translate in French forum.
    I like Alphonso Johnson's playing a lot, and I had a look on his Embamba site and his bass lessons are fine.

    Dudetique : same name but only two posts on Wal forum : I wanted Wal seekers to be warned for a Mk2 I saw for sale in France. And for you ? same name ?
    Best bass wishes for 2005
  6. Hey!

    very nice, I like Vigier too! I haven't got one, but I like! They are very good basses and not as expensive as we could believe!
    Killer pickups and pre!

  7. Hey Vince,
    Quite funny talking each other in English ;)
    I could read some of your posts here, and I remember perhaps you are waiting for some bass...?F?
    Most of French people here are often on Onlybass.com. do you?
    Best regards.
  8. Mikkel-S


    Jun 27, 2001
    Herning, Denmark
    Hi Nanookanono... Congrat's on your new bass...! Look's sweet! Make me wanna try a Vigier!
  9. Hi Mikkel,
    I am very pleased you like it... ;) for I can't forget the Morch dark bass you showed me once.

    Be careful with Vigier... my teacher Bruno use to say they definitively cure GAS, but I know you can't :smug: like me.
  10. Mikkel-S


    Jun 27, 2001
    Herning, Denmark
    Sylvain.. I have some Morch-basses to show you, you'll definately love em'..! Do you know somewhere to search for a used fretless Vigier?

  11. Hey Mikkel,
    Let's imagine a thing : next summer I could go northern, you could go southern, we meet and trade bass. :)

    This one I just got was quite difficult to find. But series II or III can be found from time to time, perhaps about 1000 1500 Euros range.

    If you want, I'll make you warned, when I see one.

    Mail me when you have Morch basses pics, I love them.
  12. Mikkel-S


    Jun 27, 2001
    Herning, Denmark
    Sounds like a good idea!.. Please tell me if you find one!..

    tjek morch's website.. www.morch-guitars.dk his gallery is frequently updated!.. There a couple of pictures of me and my basses... :D