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New bass or modify existing

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  1. K-2


    Nov 30, 2016
    Vilnius, Lithuania
    Hey there,
    For quite some time I am GASing for a new bass. I have several basses in my mind, in various price ranges, so money is not an issue, just would take more time to gather the money. In short - my wife is supporting my hobby :D

    I have a MIA Fender Jazz bass, think its a 2009.With SD Quarter pounds. Im happy with its tone and playability. So new bass would be more of an adventure and to sate my crawing, than to achieve something specific. Though Im positive that in the long run I will have many basses in my possesion. As well I have a Sub Stingray 4, which has its part in this story.

    So one night an idea struck me - what if, instead of buying a new bass I modify my "old" ones. With two mods being in mind - a graphite neck for a Jazz bass (Im not that much of a tech guy and as much as I would like to, I dont enjoy adjusting my truss rods, intonation, action, etc.) and a preamp for Stingray (Aguilar being in mind. The stock one is just rubish. I dont mind preamps being like on/off as long as its a sweet spot in hZ, but the stock one is just madness, I like to play that bass but that pre always annoys me, as I have to adjust my amp and darkglass so much to fight whats coming from basses pre).

    I spend quite a lot of time in these forums, just lurking and reading and damn do I get some interesting perspectives and ideas. The decision will be mine to make, but I thought I would like to hear your opinions.

  2. RattleSnack


    Sep 22, 2011
    Moding or buying another bass comes down to what you plan with it.
    If you are attached to it, i.e. sentimentaly or it is rare beast, or it has ergonomy like no other, than you mod it to your liking. If you like to flip basses, care about value/investment, than just get another one.
    My personal take is: if I can make reversible mod to make my player bass significantly better, I do it. But if the price of mod is high in proportion to bass price, than it is time to save money for better instrument.
  3. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
    I like graphite necks. The stability and they feel great. Especially the Status necks. Moses necks are too grabby for me.
  4. K-2


    Nov 30, 2016
    Vilnius, Lithuania
    Nolezmaj - True! Firstly I thought about modding Sub Ray with graphite neck, Aguilar pre, etc. But then it struck me - I bout that bass new for about 400 EUR, and installed SD pickup for about 100 more... Now to put a neck on it that will cost me about as much as a whole bass might be a bit of overkill. I bet it would be an awesome addition to this bass, but thinking logical I guess I can't justify such high value upgrade on such a low value instrument.

    Gorn - Damn I like your avatar. I automatically feel like speaking with some sort of intergalactic reptile!
    I did quite a bit of reading about graphite necks, haven't played one, but I think if I ever use one it will be a Status neck.
    Have you used one on a Jazz bass? Mine is Alder body with Maple neck/fretboard. Would that be a significant upgrade? Stability wise I understand that it would. What about the tone? I heard it might impact it a bit. Making everything more "trebly".

    Thank in advance.

    As for my GAS. Here is what I am eyeballing... Damn. Decisions,decisions...

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