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New Vs Old???

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by dlmarquez, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Ok ya'll,
    I've just spent a couple hours A/Bing my 2 bass rigs:
    In the new corner I have a Euphonic Audio iAmp 500 running thru an Avatar 112 neo with the piezo set in the middle..honestly my ears cannot discern any difference where I set that control
    In the old corner I have an Ampeg B16.5 (B-15N head and B-18 cabinet both circa mid 60's)

    My bass is a Skuttlefunk custom chambered P with a Dark Star in the neck position and an acoustic style bridge with a Piezo under it...there is a thread all about it in the Luthiers forum.

    Running LaBella tapewounds...God I love the feel of those strings...so much like a classical guitar!

    Anyway..for my moneys worth (and I don't really understand how to use the iAmps toneshaping section very well) I'll stay with the Ampeg!
    That ancient rig just seems to sound so good almost no matter how I set it up. The DS is quite subdued with the labellas but the piezos are really sweet and lively.
    If I load the Elixir nanowounds, the Dark Star comes to life, but the piezos get waay tooo hot!

    Anyway...I am feeling that the good old Ampeg is worth the collectors prices. It just works without having to twiddle around with a bunch of EQ.
    Now the sound I'm gunning for is more of a nice mellow fretless sound. I'm not looking for a crunchy prog rock sound..but the ampeg really seems to deliver effortlessly!

    I spent a fair bit of money to acquire the EA and Avatar, and they are great stuff, but I'm leaning more and more as I play with the 2 side by side, towards the classic Ampeg setup/sound.

    Anybody wanna trade a B15N for an Avatar 12 neo and an iAmp 500 with stakon cable and EA bag for the head?

    Anybody else here got any experience comparing the old Ampeg stuff to the newer hi-tech stuff?
  2. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Rickenbacker guru.......... Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2006
    If you want to feel strings that really feel like classical guitar strings try TI Acousticores, but be forewarned, they do not work with magnetic pickups. I have them on my Rick Turner RB4FL.
  3. JimmyM

    JimmyM Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    Um, possibly a little ;)

    Dude, my new big stage rig is a B-15N into two double baffle 15" cabs. I will sub out a Markbass LMII when I need higher wattage (which isn't often) because it's the closest you can get to a B-15 head in solid state. But I'm right there with you. Still, it doesn't hurt to have a small combo for those tough load-ins ;)
  4. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    The iAmp should sound pretty sweet flat or with one of the presets pushed in. You don't have to understand the eq for years.:) The amp may show you more of what it's got with a different cab.
    It is unfair to compare these two though.
    Would you prefer a Porsche 911 Turbo or a mint '57 Chevy?
    You going to use them for different things at different times.
    "just sayin'"

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