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new warwick??

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by forced_martyr, Mar 20, 2001.

  1. i am soon going to fall apon about $1600 and i want a new bass. i am really into warwicks and i like the 5 string thumb but i can only get the bolt-on for what money i have, but i like it. i want to know what warwick bass do all of you perfer or if not even warwick then what?? i play in a hardcore metal band but we also fuse in other kinds of music, such as jazz and i slap a little to. maybe someone could help me make up my mind!! i am going to a near by guitar center so they have about every kind of warwick made there because i played my thumb there, so any help would be well appreciated!!
  2. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    Go here:

    You wont want a Warwick anymore.

    There is a player in the "review page" with a bass that is so beutiful, with a shape very close to a warwick.
  3. grooveguru


    Sep 14, 2000
    Central PA
    Buy The Thumb! Nuf Said
  4. LowRanger


    Dec 24, 2000
    I own three different Warwicks (thumb 5 nt, dolphin pro 1 5, streamer stg II 5) and they all sound and hang differently. I owned a corvette std 6, but decided I wasn't meant for a 6.

    I don't claim to be an expert, but to me the "quirkiest" of the lot is the Thumb: very distinctive sound, very distinctive ergonomics (I recommend you try one out with a strap before you make your choice). The Dolphin is extremely articulate and dry, the Streamer is the chameleon of the group ("wears" the best, capable of sounding at home in most styles of music). I wouldn't give ANY of them up, though: consistenly great quality, and I love the sound and playability of each of them.

    Trust your ears and try them all, but save yourself serious buyer's remorse and at least try your final candidates on with a strap!

    Happy shopping!
  5. i was catually just at the warwick site and what do you guys think of the corvette fna jazzman?? i think it might be cool seeing i will try it out first of course but the style is pretty nice!! yeah lfabara thanks i will check that site out and let you know what i think!!
  6. If you're really into Warwick, as I am then the best bass is the FNA Jazzman. I love the bodystyle and the pickup configuration allows for a lot of tweaking and fine tuning any sound you want. It also has, IMO the most comfortable neck of all Warwick basses(and no, they're not all the same).
    But please don't take my word for it, try it out yourself. If you have any taste in sound[​IMG]you'll pick the FNA Jazzman.
  7. do you own a jazzman?? because i found one for like $1470. is that a good price?? if not what did you pay for yours?? thanks i am trying to get my bass soon because we are going to plays shows soon and i am stick with my ibanez which was a big mistake i think!!
  8. No I don't own a jazzman but I pissed off a guy at GC a couple weeks ago when I sat down and played one for three hours. I tried out every different thing I possibly could. I even asked for allen wrenches so I could adjust the neck and bridge. I am now practically an expert on this bass. Funny thing is that I ended up buying this Alembic.
    [​IMG]Ah, Beautiful[​IMG]Anyway, $1470 is a decent price. Not the cheapest or the most expensive that I've seen. The one I played was listed as $1399. If you found one for $1470 you can probably chew them down to at least $1400 w/ a case. Good luck.
  9. actually that isn't the one i am looking at. the one i want has a angled jass pick-up at the neck!! are you shure you are not just thinking of the corvette fna because that is the bass that you showed me!! i will put a pick of it up as an attachment so you guys can check it out!! but your bass is nice also it has a cool look to it!!
  10. I know, I know. I did play the Jazzman. In fact, it looked exactly like the one in your pic. I got my pic off the Wariwck website. It's just a regular FNA but it's got the sweetest wood. Believe me I definitely played the Jazzman and It is definitely theSH!T
  11. yeah cool because after i buy my truck i am going to stop by and see what they have in stock i am going to have to choose between the thumb 5-string bolt-on or the corvette fna jazzman 5-string. oh also yours was cheaper also because it was probably a 4-string. but anyway i will go check them out soon and let you know what i think!! how much was you bass?? it's looks pretty cool!! just trying to find out why you didn't buy the jazzman!!
  12. Let me clear something up. I really don't understand how you got mixed up but I don't own a Warwick at all. I said in my previous post that I played the Jazzman for three hours at GC. The picture I posted was from the Warwick website and I posted it b/c I liked the look of the wood even though it's not a Jazzman.
    Do you understand now.
    If your trying to decide between the thumb B/O and the Jazzman let me give you a quick rundown of the 2.
    FNA Jazzman - Flamed Maple Body gives bright, punchy sound which is good for slap. Controls include - Volume w/ push/pull action for the slap contour which boosts the highs and lows while cutting the mids, Active bass, mid, and treble control, and a toggle switch for the bridge pickup. Upgraded Seymour Duncan "Basslines" preamp.
    Beautiful Bass.

    Thumb B/O - Ovangkol body is very hard and dense giving the bass those growly mids. Controls include - Volume w/ push/pull action for active or passive mode. Blend knob. And a 2 band eq with bass an treble.

    From a sheer, what you get for your money, point of view the Jazzman is the hands down winner with the upgraded 3 band preamp, two different types of pickups, and even the togle switch for the MM pickup. The Jazzman also wins in the looks category, IMHO.
    Another thing to keep in mind, which you will find out when you go to try these basses out is that the Thumb, especially in a 5 string version has severe neck dive due to the short upper horn. It really Will Not stay higher than parallel to the ground.
    I really can't see how the Thumb is in any way better than the Jazzman unless your looking for that specific sound. So good luck and I hope you make the choice that's right 4 u.
  13. yeah!! i ment your as the bass onthe chair in your pic not a warwick i knew you didn't own one!! but i also said your meaning the one you played at the store was most likely a four string which calls for it being lower in price!! see i understood!! well i am really into mudvayne and he plays a thumb and he has the sound i love but i also want my own sound but if i can get a sound out of the jazzman that is a deep growl then it will be my next bass but if i can get more of my sound out of the thunb then that will be my next bass!! i played a thunb already and i like it but if the jazz is better then i will take that over the thumb because i do agree it does look alot better!!
  14. Oh. My bass is an Alembic Epic http://www.Alembic.com Just got it on Monday. I practically stole it off of Ebay For $700. It's 4 years old and worth at least $1800.
    Anyway. If it's growl you're looking for, the thumb has a natural growl to it b/c of the hardwood. But it has no mid control on the eq. The Jazzman on the other hand does have the mid control and you can dial up a very nice growl. Not the same as the thumb but a little more focused, I'd say. Not as muddy as I thought the thumb was. Also, I did play the 5 string version of the Jazzman and I think it has a much better B string than the thumb. Plus I hate the MEC electronics in the thumb. They have been known to get a little wierd and fuzzy after awhile. The Jazzman comes with "Basslines" preamp and pickups. Very Nice.
  15. Mo' bass

    Mo' bass

    May 4, 2000
    I own a Warwick Corvette FNA JazzMan 5 string. In fact it's the same as the one in the picture. It's beautifull and sounds great. I use the Jazz pickup a lot. It comes standard with MEC pickups and SD baseline preamp. I love the B string.

    The B string must be tapered which limits your string choice a bit. But tapered does sound better so it's not a big problem.

    My only complaint is that I sometimes feel that the G string sounds a bit to thin. Not when playing on my own, but on stage during a gig. Especially with the slap contour activated, because it cuts the mids. But there are adjustment pots for the amount of bass boost and mid cut so I'll have to experiment a bit. (I'm using a .40 string, maybe time for a .45 ...)
  16. rmp5s


    May 19, 2000
    I want a Jazzman too. I've been looking into getting one ever since I played one at a G.C. I loved the slap tone of it. The electronics on it were excellent and it was also comfortable to play. I've played a few other types of Warwicks and I liked the FNA the best (I actually think it wasn't a Jazzman, but just a regular FNA...identical to the pic in the post). B.T.W....Mudvayne rules.
  17. dammit, belair, i wish you'd stop shoving that picture in my face. makes me feel inadequate. :(
  18. ga_edwards


    Sep 8, 2000
    UK, Essex
    I've got a Thumb BO 5-string, and I just luurve it. Paired with my Warwick CCL amp, they make a powerful combination. My band plays covers of rock, heavey rock, blues, soul, jazz, dance, even lounge and country, I can still get the right sound every time. For the heavier stuff, I tend to rest my thumb (the one on my hand, not the bass itself) in the neck pickup, and have the blend pot centrered. This gets the classic growl sound. When I need to go for a mellower tone, I roll the blend toward the neck, and play further toward the neck too, sometimes even resting on the corner of the finger board.
    The amp also has a very useful punch knob, which can help with the growl element, and can help to really cut though, or conversely sit right back in the mix.

    Remember, while the bass itself is responsible for most of the tone, so too are the amp, and more importantly, the way you play it.
  19. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    I don't want to rain on your parade, belair, you got a decent price on the bass, but I have seen an Epic 5 in the same woods new for $1499, and seeing that Alembics have poor resale value, you got a good deal but it is not worth $1800.

    Not trying to be confrontational or rude, just trying to bring a little reality to the situation.:cool:
  20. Where did you see that bass. I've tried out three brand new Epic 4 strings in the past 6 months and they ranged in price from $1550 - $1700. Those were new but my bass is used but my bass is in such perfect, and I do mean perfect, condition that I think of it as a new bass. So if you consider i got it for $700 and the list price you saw was $1499 then I did get a pretty good deal. But you do have a point on that resale value thing. I've heard that Alembics are bad in that area.
    So maybe I didn't get a steal but I think I got a real good deal.

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