New Zon on the way!!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Matt Power, Dec 4, 2005.

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    Jul 2, 2000
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    Happy Sunday, y'all!!

    I just aquired a lined fretless Sonus in trans charcoal black from a really, REALLY nice guy in New Jersey, who happens to be a new TB member. I haven't got photos yet, but it'll be here on Thursday! I traded my Ken Smith for it, which is an unbelievably KILLING much so, I was going to keep it and just pay cash for it, but I already have 3 commissioned custom basses on the way, and I'm planning on getting an F Bass from Jay at Blueberry Hill in January. This guy Kyle is getting one HELL of a bass!! It's WICKED punchy in the mids, and is one of those rare basses where you play any note anywhere on the neck, and the note literally jumps off the don't have to fight it AT ALL!! Just a great instrument....I'll miss her! :crying:
    On a side note, if anyone here is ever looking for a bass, there are few men in the business who are as nice, respectful, courteous, communicative and downright honest as Jay Lewis at Blueberryhill Bass....he's the real deal, and a pleasure to work with. He's right there with Brian B, Steve Barr and Adrian, we bass players are a lucky bunch!!
    Anyway, it's your standard Zon Sonus with a lined phenolic board, Bart PUs and pre, but I'm ordering a 3 band Bart pre with the mid switch...I HAVE to have a 3 band. It's supposed to be minty, and I'm sure it is...Kyle really seems like a straight shooter! I've owned Zons before, but not a Sonus fretless, so I'm hoping it's the bee's knees! I'm not sure of the age, but he said it was made with the phenolic board instead of the pheno-wood, which they make now. Anyone here know when Zon switched over? I also hope the neck is dead flat...they're not adjustable, so I hope it has the right amount of "no-relief" for a fretless.

    My Benavente is about to be assembled, and my Nordstrand should commence construction after the first of the's going to be a good 2006...I can tell already!!
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    Feb 23, 2004
    Hey congratulations! I completely understand your excitement. Zons are incredible basses. The first Zon I ever played was a 4 string Legacy. Can't remember the exact model but I was totally blown away. I couldn't afford it at the time though, even tho it was on sale for less than $1000. Not too long after that I played a Sonus and I was hooked.

    In between then and now, I've had a Warwick Corvette Proline, a Euro Spector, a Fender (Japan) Jazz, and an old Ibanez Musician, which were/are all great basses (except maybe the Warwick cos of the neck dive but it recorded well), but none of them ever came close to the Zons. Zon basses feel completely natural to me, they sound phenomenal, and they inspire me to play better. I know some people don't like graphite in general - I've played a Modulus Q5 and it didnt really do much for me - But with the Zons its a whole other story.

    A while back this year I ordered a Sonus Custom 4 - unfortunately that deal fell thru (long story), but I'm ordering one thru Bass Northwest now, in fact tomorrow I'm sending them my 50% deposit. Its a Sonus Custom 4, all black, with the external midrange control option. The next 4 months are going to be torture. :D

    Anyway congrats again and I'm sure you'll be very happy with that bass, as well as the others you have on order as well!
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    neck relief- if it is flat or not depends on the tension of the strings you put on it.

    To keep mine flat I have to use DR's which have less tension then other brands when guages are equal.