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Newb looking for advice

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Chipsonfire, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Chipsonfire


    Jul 20, 2007
    Socorro, NM
    First and foremost hey everyone. They call me Chips and you can too :) I'm planning on getting my first bass here in about... the next 24 hours and had a few minor questions. Mostly just want opinions really.
    A little about myself: I've never played a bass but have wanted one for the past 10 years (couldn't ever afford one till now). I've decided to go with a J-bass partly cause it seems to fit my style of music better and partly cause my hands are small :meh: My influences are (dont laugh) Les Claypool (Highball with the Devil and Brown album first got me into bass), Victor Wooten, Flea and of course Jaco. Yes, I know i sound like some fanboy but whatever.
    Now for questions. Here are links to the stuff I'm considering buying: bass; amp; cables; strap; tuner. Keep in mind that I just want something to play that wont break the bank but is still playable. I went into town today and checked out the local guitar centers and they all suggested a Squier beginner pack, but being a computer/internet savvy person I know for a fact I can buy stuff cheap online. Also, I've heard new strings area good idea, but I nothing about suck things and would like some advice there too. I want to start playing ASAP cause I'm the master of talking myself out of spending money. So, long story short, I'd love to hear your opinions on anything I've said or posted. The quicker the better cause there are only 3 of that bass left in stock lol. Many thanks :)
    PS Sorry for being long winded, I like to make sure my point is made.
  2. if i was in your shoes id go to your local music shop rather than by someting online because
    1)if you buy online you need to go to the music shop anyway and get it setup(lower the action ajust the neck an basic stuff like that)if you go to a music shop chances are there will allready be a setup done on it

    2)if you buy online you have no ieda what your really getting i.e. you dont know how the neck feels,if you go to a music store you know how the neck feels prior to buying it

    also i woulent go with that bass id save up a bit more and get a standard squier jazz bass

    just my $0.02
  3. Chipsonfire


    Jul 20, 2007
    Socorro, NM
    Well, the thing is, the "local" guitar shop is 100 miles away, and thats a lot of $$ in gas. Second, the local shop wants to sell me a pack because all the other guitars they have are as much as said pack by themselves and as such I wouldn't be able to feel it anyway. Third, I have friends down here that can help me with adjusting it. BTW, this setup I have here is of better quality then at the store and is cheaper, even with 2-day shipping.
    ::edit:: Oh, and as for saving up for the standard Jazz Bass, I have the money for one now so if you have a suggestion please feel free to let me know. I was just trying not to spend too much.
  4. Then by all means go for it
  5. spending the extra money is worth it in the long run

  6. Yessssss!

    If I could go back in time man would I say to myself to listen to that advice. If you buy a cheap bass that doesn't really look or sound like you want, a few month from here you'll want to buy something else that fit your needs better, so basicly in the long run you'll loose money.
  7. the only upside to buying online is that its cheap.

    BUT if you have tried a guitar in a shop and like it then buy one online and it wont always be the same.

    squire starter packs are well worth it.

    and if theres some fault with the starter pack (electronics dont work properly, amp is a dud ect.) then if you buy online they could just say either: it was damaged in transit; your broke it or that they cant do anything about it.

    whereas if you take it back in person then its alot harder for people to reject faulty items especially as you baught it yesterday, few days earlier ect.

    also with buying from a shop you can try out your bass there and see if you like the feel of it (as a bigginer its hard to test anything else but see if you can get your hand round the neck properly and that the bass isnt too big/heavy for you)

    you can get a squire jazz starter pack and that has the rumble 15 amp in it and thats a very good starter amp and i've tried the squire jazz basses and they are quite nice.

    like everyone else has said, its worth spending the few extra bucks, if you have the money go for the standard jazz straight away! they are beautiful basses! but make sure you have money left over at least for an amp, strap, cables ect.

    as for strings, try posting in the strings section of the forum, you will get very good advise from string experts.

    just post what sort of sound you want and say 'help' it usually works :D

    good luck.
    hope this has helped.
  8. Dude, just buy the cheapest stuff you can buy to start off with!
    You might decide you hate bass guitar at some point.
    So the gear that you are considering seems to be right in the sweet spot!
    I started out with a Yamaha RBX170 and a Behringer BX300.
    Great starter stuff in my opinion!
    Good luck :)
  9. Yamaha RBX-270 is a GREAT bass, seriously i could've easily gigged with that thing. I would definately recommend the RBX270 man, great feel (light weight, jazz neck, 24 frets too) it has a brilliant sound for the money and in my experiance yamaha instruments are well finished. Something else you may want to consider is a Fender Squire Vintage Modified, there is plenty of info on the boards about them :)

    Some people are quite satisfied with Behringer stuff but the majority aren't. I can quite honestly say there are loads more options in the amp line of things. My first amp was a Marshall B25 which gave me no problems in the 5 years i used it at nearly full volume :)
  10. I agree that you should step up the quality to something you'll be happy with for a while. Particularly on the bass. I'm not sure specifically what to recommend, because you haven't really told us your price range. Also you said you wanted a J bass, but you've picked something with a PJ combo. Don't know what the neck is like on the ESP, but if you want a J and can't afford an Fender, the logical choice is a Squire. AMS has one for the same price as the ESP (http://www.americanmusical.com/item--i-FEN-310760-506.html)

    Check out the SX bass thread too. I've never played one, but people on that thread seem to LOVE them and they're dirt cheap.

    The amp you picked is under powered if you plan to play with anyone, especially a drummer. But at $60 you could throw the thing away and get something bigger when you're ready.
  11. Chipsonfire


    Jul 20, 2007
    Socorro, NM
    The other advantage is the nearest music shop is 100 miles away >_> and I don't actually know how to get there without someone guiding me (I'm from out of state). Being in college and working makes it difficult to just drive down there whenever. The places I'm ordering from also have warranties if something doesn't work.
    I've actually heard to stay from Yamaha :-s
    It may be painful to hear this, but this is a step up from what i was going to get. I will, however, look for something that is strictly a Jazz.
    If I play along with anyone, it will be with an acoustic or a piano.
    Thank you all for your input, it's very helpful :)
  12. the bass works, you would really want to get straplocks also, because you dont want your only bass falling and breaking while playing or something, and its always a good idea to save just as much money for an amp as you would a bass, just a rule of thumb i live by when buying sets of gear i.e. bass + amp
  13. Chipsonfire


    Jul 20, 2007
    Socorro, NM
    Thats a good point, but looking around my room I can see several things i can modify to do the same job lol.
    Also, what is the real difference between the P/J that I have there and a straight jazz?
    As for saving up for a better one, like I said I'm the king of talking myself out of things and I have a feeling that will happen if I wait. I also remember hearing from someone on this forum who's name I can't remember saying that you should buy one now and start playing rather than drooling over something and saving up for a first bass. In the time you spent saving, you could have been playing.
  14. Paulitics


    Apr 12, 2007
    San Diego, CA
    If i were in your shoes I would just get this: http://www.rondomusic.net/product786.html

    its so cheap that if you decide bass isn't your thing you won't be out very much money, but also from what ive read on the forum it should be of high enough quality to learn bass on. I've seen many pictures of people giging SX basses.
  15. joebingo


    Aug 23, 2006
    London, UK
    the moment you joined this forum, you became doomed to spend a lot of $$ on GAS! lol. :ninja:

    I can only shadow what others have said, and tell you to not get that ESP, and to (ideally) try out a bass in a store before you buy it, if thats not possible then fair enough.

    You could check out the squier starter pack, but they can be really hit and miss (i remember my strat pack i bought had a beautiful guitar in it - i still love playing it now, my mate bought the same pack and his guitar was the worst guitar i've ever played) or get an SX.

    the difference between a p/j and a jazz is the neck pickup - a p/j will have a precision bass pickup (split pole) there, while a jazz bass (j/j) will have a jazz bass pickup there. The P-pickup creates a beffier sound, while a jazz will make it a more nasal sound. you'll have a j pickup at the bridge though, so there will be a huge amount of tonal versatility - depending on teh pots.
  16. That was a bad piece of advice.

    I purchased an RBX170 first, just to see if I really wanted to play bass. I still play it. Playability wise and initial setup were better than the SX that I bought. The SX does sound better, but the setup took a while of tinkering. You will probably want to upgrade the electronics on the SX too.

    Did you look at Craigslist? Is used an option? I scored an Ibanez RD500 for cheaper than either of the above mentioned instruments.

    If used is not an option, then go with the RBX170. It is easy to play on and sounds fair. It is also VERY light (at least compared to the SX). In my guitar playing days I was a huge Schecter fan, and still am. I planned on getting a Schecter bass too, but now I think that my next bass may be a higher end Yamaha.

  17. peaveyuser

    peaveyuser Banned

    Oct 18, 2006
    OK a lot of people are saying just buy the cheapest thing, well think about tit if you buy something with a crappy setup and hard to play, your not going to want to play right? I'm not saying anything about SX since they seem good and once you set them up are great but they aren't set up well usually, so your going to want bring it to the shop anyways to get it set up (unless of course you know how yourself). If you have the money buy a MIA Fender Jazz since you want the Jazz sound, it's probably set up better but could still be set up poorly. Maybe try calling the online store asking them how it's set up before you buy it.
  18. Chipsonfire


    Jul 20, 2007
    Socorro, NM
    Well, after considering my options, listening to your responses and talking to some friends of mine, I've decided to go with what I have. My friends here know me and what I like and I trust their opinions and they said go for it. Thanks everyone for you input, it was very much appreciated :) I hope to talk to you all again soon.

  19. ah your from socorro im from albuquerque so first off the guitar center is only about an hour away from socorro so the gas would be about the same as shipping except this way you get the bass the same day and you know what it will feel like. second, its cool your going to tech, thats where i want to go when i graduate high school, and now about the bass, i agree dont buy online you can get better deals in shops because they get paid commission, so its kinda like a car, they'll go as low as they can, when i bought my bass they gave me a strap a cable and a gig bag for free, and gave me twenty bucks off the bass, the bass you put in on your first listing isnt a jazz bass in the first place its a P/J. i recommend either buying a squier, or do what i did and buy a nice mexican fender if your sure you'll like it. seriously dont buy online go to guitar center only problem is that the one in albuquerque (thats the closest to socorro) has only a small wall for basses. also you CAN take the basses out of those packs before you buy, if you buy a starter set. the guys in the stores have experience and can help you find a nice bass, hell you could get a great deal on a used bass there. but regardless get a bass and ROCK ON!:bassist: :bassist:
  20. Chipsonfire


    Jul 20, 2007
    Socorro, NM
    I was in abq on saturday and I definitely drove over 200 miles by the time i got back to socorro. When I went to Guitar Center, the guy I talked to had no intention of giving me a better deal and none of the basses were in my price range. All the used basses at the store were more expensive then the lowest models they had available. I also went to Grandma's Music and it was the same there. The stuff I ordered onine, after shipping, was less than the cost of the squier starter at the store (not to mention the cost of gas) and I got to pick and choose my parts. I think I made the right decision with this one.

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