Newb with an amp choice question???

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    Jan 4, 2015
    Hello all,

    First post here and I have a question about a few different amplifiers.

    I've been playing bass off and on for a few years now and feel like I'm in the position to upgrade some of my gear. I recently acquired a (new to me) bass and this has me wanting a new amp too. The bass is an Ibanez GSR200.

    The current amp I'm using is a Yorkville Bloc250B. It gets plenty loud and sounds OK I guess but I don't have enough experience to know otherwise. I've read some reviews and comments that this amp is difficult to dial in and get a good sound. It does have lots of knobs and a parametric EQ but frankly I don't really know what I'm doing anyway hahaha. The amp is starting to show it's age and several of the pots are getting pretty noisy. It's also randomly let out some big thumps when turning it on. The problem seems intermittent though and otherwise works fine.

    There are a few other amps I'm considering....

    1. Yorkville Bassmaster 200T 2x10. $350

    2. Yorkville XM200 2x10. $250

    3. Hartke 3500 head $300. GK210 Cabinet $250. Mesa Boogie 15" Road ready cabinet. $420.

    4. Yorkville Bassmaster XS800 head $350

    - I'm thinking #1 and #2 are probably just sideways moves at best. They do look to be newer and in better shape than my current amp however.

    - Option #3 interests me a little bit but I've read that the Hartke head is noisy. Don't know much about either of the cabs.

    - Option #4 looks cool but again no idea.

    - I might try to buy one of the cabs from Option #3 and try to find a different head altogether.

    Anyhow I'm looking for any and all opinions on sound, reliability and versatility. Are any of the above a good/bad deal?

    I play in a classic rock-ish type band and we have a few gigs on the horizon. (Small bars and a couple medium sized halls with PA support) I'm not sure I trust the Bloc250 anymore....

    Tons of thanks in advance!
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  2. First have some basic service done to your existing amp. A general cleaning and service of pots and jacks can make a huge difference. The Boogie 15" cab is a great cab, the G-K is a very ol;d model but a solid performer (if I am making out the 210T model).
    I wouldn't go combo route, the Hartke is a solid head and the XS800 should be darn good.
    Hope that helps a little.