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    Oct 28, 2003
    I want to buy a bass as i will be taking lessons, i have always wanted to learn to play the bass and i finally got the courage to go out and sign up for lessons, my question is i want to buy a good bass, i have a grand to buy a bass, what bass should i buy, remember the grand is for the bass only, i have other funds for the amp and such, what should i look for in a decent bass for a grand, i know a grand bass aint no big deal but im just starting out, and should i start out with a 4 string or 5 string bass...thanks in advance...this site rocks!
  2. wow, $1000 to spend on a bass right off the bat...that's a looooooooot. Anyways, I think you should definitely consult your teacher about this and get him to help you pick out a bass, since he probably knows a lot more about what to look for than you. Secondly I think you should definitely try to find a good price on a USED bass so you can sell it later at about the same price. Have fun :bassist:
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    I agree that if you are taking lessons, then the best thing to do is ask your teacher to help you choose one and if possible, ask him/her to come along with you to the shop and check out that it has no obvious defects and is suited to what you want to play.

    If they are really good - maybe they will even be able to negotiate a discount or get the shop to throw in "extras" - like decent strap, spare sets of strings etc. etc. ;)
  4. si_mon13


    Sep 1, 2003
    heh, a grand is alot for a first bass. my first bass was like $120
  5. phew.. i thought for a second i was the only one with that idea.. my first whas €160 :D i still got it and still love it.

    Welcome to talkbass WatchTheChords. Hope you have fun and find your way 'round here :cool:
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