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Newbie Chick From CA Central Coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by CAbassChick, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone!
    I want to introduce myself since I just joined TalkBass. I'm an inexperienced player, having only picked up the electric bass about a year and a half ago, but I played other instruments when i was growing up and I've done some singing both lead and back up work. I love learning about the instrument and all of the gear that's out there and I frequent places where there's live music so I can listen/watch and then talk to the bass player when the band's taking a break and check out what kind of gear he/she has... :hyper:
    Yes, I'm obsessed!

    I'm in the middle of modifying a Squire Affinity that I bought off a guy for $100 in perfect condition, by removing the frets (what to back fill the grooves up with?) and I'm replacing the pickups as soon as I decide whether to go with the DiMarzios, Duncans or Fenders... the quest which brought me here in the first place.
    Oh! I bought the Fender B-DEC 30 a couple of months ago and am loving playing around with it. Very cool.
    Looking forward to interacting with other bassists out there and learning as much as I can!

    J in Pismo Beach, CA
  2. Hi BassChick. Welcome to TB. I love the Central Coast, used to spend a lot of time in Morro and Cayucos.
  3. FretlessArt


    Jan 24, 2007
    Hi Bass Chick. Sounds like you are building out a Fretless? What Fretless players do you like to listen too?
  4. Hi and thank you for the welcome! The Central Coast is great isn't it? Come visit the area again soon!

    I don't really have any fretless influences unless you count Jack Bruce- I think he only plays fretless once in a while.

    Truth be told, since I'm still learning, my playing style is still a bit sloppy and I hate fret buzz! I've messed around with fretless basses before at GC and other places (with fret markers) and really liked it! I'm a massage therapist by trade and I've been playing with flatwounds on my Yamaha for some time now because I need to keep my fingers relatively callous free. So, I figured that since I'm already playing with flatwounds, (no pick) and I hate fret buzz, having a fretless to add to my collection was a good idea. Any suggestions on what to put in place of the frets I just removed to fill up the holes? I'm shying away from wood putty/epoxy type stuff because over time, I'm afraid that it might wear off in pieces. Any input is appreciated.

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