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  1. Hi all. I have absolutly no equiptment and want to give bass guitar a try. I used to play guitar in 5th grade but have lost most my knowlage since then. I can still read music though. I was wondering if I should just buy a cheap starter kit from (Bass, tuner, amp, leads, strings, instuctional dvd, case) or If I should buy everything I need seperate. I thought the kit would be a good idea because im new to this and its cheap but I have no clue. heres the link to the one I was looking at.Bass kit #1
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    This isn't really GI stuff, and not really bass or amp related, let's go to misc....

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    I would buy used you can pick up something way better at a pawn shop. You would most likely to beable to pick up a used fender for around 200 then pick up a new tuner for 20 dollars

    A 20 Watt amp

    Keep in mind when buying an amp that 20 Watt bass amp isn't going to cut it if you decide to play in a group. There's been some bad press about this company but I've heard this amp before it was loud and sounded ok. And if your on a budget this might be a option to look at.

    But would advice against the package. I know its a drag but if you can just hold an and save like 75-100 dollars more you'll have a bass you can use for a long time with a resale value. With the Silvertone you won't be as pleased with the quailty and there's a very low resale value. If I could go back in time when I first started out I would buy a nice used bass instead of a package.

    If you really set on a package deal though here's one that a lot of people get.
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    I'll say it once and I'll say it again.

    If you're insistent on a pack, go with Ibanez. If not, a used Mexican Fender can be had for $200 to $250 and toss in a used Peavey combo amp. For about $400 you can have a gig-ready setup.