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newbie from FL Panhandle

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by lauragayle, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Hi folks!
    I started playing upright acoustic bass this fall in the Florida State U. Old Time Music Ensemble. While I've played bluegrass guitar (rhythm, no fingerpicking) most of my life, this is my first foray into bass-land.

    I'm actually head of the music library at FSU, and I'm having a blast with this group. I played guitar and sang in it last year, and was encouraged to try bass this year. I'm currently Queen of the Open Strings, but am working on adding to my repertoire. Also play with a few jams around and folks are most encouraging of this middle-aged gal picking up something new.

    Renting a bass for now, but hope to buy my own at some point. Enjoyed reading this forum a few weeks ago, and decided to take the plunge. Thanks for reading!


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