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Newbie in need of help with tone

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bowebby, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Hey there, I'm no top notch pro but I get out. Bands hire me. Started on a guitar for like 20 years, totally into crisp warm sweet tone. So my twin reverb 69 reissue got me there. Now-wow been on bass for 15years I feel clueless still. Got lucky it seems with the Gk 800rb / Hartke xl series 15 inch cab - also two 12 inch same series (hadn't had the twelve's in 6 years since left behind in Costa Rica) So now just the 15 isn't light at my age. But feel it's necessary. Got rid of all my entry level junk basses for an American p-bass. It's ok better then what I had in the beginning. I love pure tone. Jazz is what I listen to, but play older rock is what I seem to play. Phil Lesh is a badd xxx. I'm all over the place with who I idolize, All the Steeley dan bass players - Honestly any pro player has my attention.I love walking bass lines. I'm mainly a pocket player, But I'll walk it when given the chance. Seems my notes get lost on stage at many times. Brought home the two tone le preamp, it was way nice. Just too much to adjust. Now thinking ashdown pre amp seems simplistic, I'm not in a city where I can try these things out, It gets expensive online only to send things back. I don't usually play with gadgets. So now I'm wondering Can I use say a pre amp head in the 800 rb effects send???? Any help is good help. Thanks
  2. welp I'm feeling a bit foolish, took off my slinky's for dr black beauties what a difference. On top of that my silent night cable went bad or at least compared to my coiled up monster cable what a difference. Think I'll just go with a foot pedal pre-amp

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