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    Jun 15, 2005
    Hello, all. I am new to the bass, only been playing about 8 months. I have gotten good enough to play in a band with some friends, and we get paid sometimes, but volunteer to play at charitable functions, nursing homes, etc. I am learning, but right now just do the alternating bass, along with some simple runs. I just purchased a Fender Deluxe American P-Bass, which I love. I am using just a cheapo no name amp that the band had when I started playing with them. I am looking at buying an amp in the future and need some opinions. I am not good enough to be comfortable playing in stores and trying out amps, so am relying on word of mouth. I had been considering the Fender 400 Pro combo, but have seen a lot of bad reviews regarding quality. I have a friend who says Gallien-Kreuger is a very good amp. I have been looking at the 800RB and maybe the GK 410 SBX cab. Any opinions on either of these. We play mostly oldies rock, 50's & 60's, and some country and southern gospel music. Thanks for helping a newbie. :bassist:
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