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    Hi! I'm new to the board, just discovered it recently.

    After a long hiatus from playing caused by having a toddler in the house, I've been playing my Steinberger XL-2 more and more recently, and while I love it dearly, I think it's high time I added another bass to the house. I've thought about a Music Man, and toyed with the idea of a Stingray 5-string, but it was uncomfortable -- I'm just a little befuddled by the low B string. I guess I'm just too used to a four-string.

    However, what I'd REALLY like is a Jazz-type bass. Lately, I've been searching for a better-made Jazz bass, and I've found my dream ones. My wife's big annual bonus just came in, and I can probably talk her into letting me get something fairly nice. Here are my two leading options.

    Option #1: Lakland Skyline Joe Osborn Signature:
    costs around the upper limit of what I could beg my wife to get me. I would probably get the sunburst finish, though I'm not crazy about the white pickguard.
    The Lakland Skyline 44-01 is in the running, as well. It has active pickups, though, and I'm leaning toward the classic Jazz sound of the Osborn.

    Option #2: Sadowsky Metro (MS-4)
    This bass is simply ridiculous. It's not only gorgeous, but with the Metro line, it's conceivable that I could actually get one. It would cost around $600 more than the Skyline JO. The pictured one is EXACTLY what I want.

    Here's my dilemma. Do I go for the very nice Lakland bass, :cool: which I could get now, or do I embark on the long path of slowly wearing down my wife's resistance and hold out for the exceptional Sadowsky? She will no doubt get grumpy if I continually bring up the Sadowsky. In fact, she'll think I've gone off the deep end. However, she would probably eventually relent, and I'd be able to get one heck of a bass. :hyper: She's not gonna divorce me, I don't think. :D :p

    Advice, anyone?