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Newbie question about Lakland active noise

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BuffaloBass, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. It could be any manufacturer, but this 55-01 is my first active bass. It seems to have tremendous noise issues. Whether in active or passive mode. That typical buzz until you touch the strings, some pops here and there??

    As compared to the quiet no-drama "idle quality" of my old passive bass, I'm finding this unacceptable.

    I've run searches but aren't finding any definitive answers, there's almost too much info on this site!

    What remedies are there?? DO you folks "putup with" some white noise at all times?? ( although this is more than anyone could put up with)

    The "feel"of this 55-01 is the most natural of any 5'er I've tried. The minute my fingers hit the fretboard, I knew that. The low B is most awesome! After around 5hours of play time, I'm getting very comfortable with my new 5'er. But I can't have it throwing 'hissy fits'.

    As a matter of full disclosure ( as I am a newbie) I did pop the amp cover,adjust the trimpot and dial in the mid eq to 800 hz for the growl I like.

    Did I muck something up?
  2. Ok another few hours of playing and I've isolated it to when I use the neckpickup as my thumbrest. Take my thumb off and snap, crackle, a-hum. I can use the neck or B string as my rest, however,

    what's the other fix??? I'll keep searching...

    Well, I've sent the bass off to Carl in Chicago. Methinks it needs him to 'breathe' on it for me. It is an EXCELLENT playing bass. Just gotta get it " Through with Buzz!"
  3. doormatt


    Apr 8, 2005
    I have the same problem with my G&L L-2000, I used to own a Warwick Corvette which was pretty much noiseless but my G&L clicks every time i touch any metal part and when I'm not touching anything it buzzes. I'm having trouble adjusting to this because it gets annoying when I play some songs with alot of open strings like Schism by Tool, and I asked the guy at the shop about it but he said all G&Ls are like that. I hope your bass gets fixed, if it does tell me how!
  4. Lakland customer service is awesom,e; they fully shielded the cavity and its quiet as a church mouse now.
  5. Quite possibly the best in the biz. Dan is amazing...