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  1. devil259


    Feb 13, 2004
    erm...may i know what is P-bass, J-bass, F-bass and so on? what is their difference? u can see i am a newbie
  2. well I can see how this can get confusing!

    P-bass is Precision Bass
    J-bass is Jazz Bass

    F-bass is a luthier!
  3. devil259


    Feb 13, 2004 abt their differences? eg. izzit the jazz bass is better in slapping?
  4. correct me if I am wrong but...

    a Jazz bass has a 2 pickup configuration. One pickup closer to the bridge, and the other closer to the neck. I think the neck is also slightly thinner than a P-bass, which can make it a bit quicker.

    A Precision bass has a different pickup configuration, two smaller pickups (each one covering only 2 strings instead of all 4) positioned next to each other near the neck, and another pickup covering all 4 strings positioned near the bridge. I think the neck is slightly wider than the Jazz bass.

    The difference in pickup configurations provide a different range of sounds. To my ear, the a good Jazz bass tends to sound very warm and can be a bit growly. You can also get nice clear highs with them. Haven't spent much time on a P bass, but to me they sound very round, not as growly, and lacking a bit of attack. I prefer Jazz basses for slap, but others may not.
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    Hi, welcome to Talkbass. There is a search function on the toolbar near the top of the page. Run a search on the differences between P-bass and J-bass. I'm sure you'll find lots of threads on the topic.
  6. devil259


    Feb 13, 2004
    ahh..thanks for the info guys! :) ;)