Newbie Stick player w/ rig questions

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  1. Hey, I'm Jeff. Here's a link to find out more about me:

    I play an NS Stick which is very different from a standard stick in that you can play fingerstyle, slap-n-pop and with a pick in addition to tapping. It's a collaboration between Chapman and Ned Steinberger, 8 strings, bass and melody can be split stereo or summed mono, 4 custom EMGs, active preamp. It's also strung similar to a bass so it's easy to translate bass lines where a standard stick takes some mental gymnastics to do that. Anyway... here are my questions.

    1) What are your experiences/hints/tips in running effects thru your bass amp loop?

    2) What do you think is the best distortion box for bass?

    3) Has anyone tried a Maxxbass unit in their rig?

    4) Especially for the hi end cab owners w/ 5 or 6 string basses: How important is cab freq response below 45hz for your low B. How do you eq?

    I've been playing for a long time and recently have been radically been rethinking my rig/eq approach. Here's how I set up now:

    Stick Bass side > EH Black Finger > EB Volume pedal > Ashdown Mag 4-10t front > BBE Sonic Maximizer > Digitech Studio Quad > Ashdown loop return > 4-10t & 2-10 deep cabs.

    Stick Melody side > POD XT Live > 2nd input in Digitech > Ashdown loop return and cabs


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.