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    Oct 4, 2003
    hey evryone. ive been playing bass for about 5 months now but im not sure about some things. could anyone tell me anything at all about pre-amps, pickups and middle knobs on the bass. my current bass just has tone and volume and i was wondering what effect a middle knob would have. that and i have no idea what difrence pickups or pre-amps make
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    Sep 12, 2003
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    Hey Irish welcome to TB! Typically more that one knob on a bass besides volume will be onboard EQ (bass, treble, midrange) and sometimes a pickup selector.

    Preamps are used together with power amps and both together amplify your sound. Preamps shape the signal thats sent to a power amp and the power amp is what makes it loud! :bassist: Most bass amps are self contained and have the pre amp and power amp together in the same unit (called a head). A lot of people like the separate setup because you can change preamps and the advantage of this is that each preamp has a different sonic character. I recommend searching this website and you will learn a lot from the wealth of information available!
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    Not really GI stuff, let's go to Misc.

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