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    Oct 26, 2013
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    I am a re-incident bassist. In 1969-1972 I was the bassist in a high school garage rock band. My bass was an imitation Hofner "Beatle Bass" and I loved it. I gave it up when I went off to college.

    I play guitar, and I have been playing bass on the guitar all these years without realizing it! I became aware of it when, on a whim, at age 59, I bought a "real" Hofner violin bass (not the vintage model, but the new Ignition Series, made in Indonesia). I restrung it with La Bella flatwounds to get the deep, dry "vintage sound" I like. Then I began playing it and realized I can play a lot of what I had been playing on the guitar..!

    I ran into this forum when, worried that I am not distinguishing clearly some of the low notes, and, knowing that I am playing the correct frets, and that I have tuned the instrument correctly ( I am using the Cleartune I-Phone App as an aid), I "hear"myself out of tune. I googled the subject and ended up reading many of you agree it is a problem in the very low register and that it is common: I need to retrain my ear (I used to tune on stage by ear, back in the day). The quality of responses was such that I felt I had to join. If I have other questions (and I will!) this group seems to be a great place to ask them! So here I am, not having played in 41 years: Looking forward to playing again!
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    Aug 14, 2009
    Welcome, that's quite a history! Wish I'd had previous exp. when I picked up my P Bass in recent years.