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Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by xbrandonx, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. xbrandonx


    Sep 27, 2008
    nothing worse then starting with 1 post so here it is.

    I've played on and off (not even remotely seriously) up until a few months ago. The few pieces of equipment I had were all sold and I was borrowing a friend's spare bass and combo amp when someone else asked me to play in their band so I picked up some equipment as quickly as possible and plan on doing some upgrading down the road, piece at a time.

    Anyways here is what I ended up with:

    -Fender P bass (J and P pickups) that are Dimarzio that I picked up for $150 from a local shop (got them to knock tax off) I believe the body might be a squire, however the neck is a fender. Sounds fine, plays good so not bad for starting off at least
    -Hartke HA3500 head which I got on ebay (guy was close so I went and picked it up) for around $135
    -Hartke 410Xl cab that I got from the same store I picked up that bass from for $250, tax knocked off again, haha.

    Shortly afterwords I picked up a 6 space rack case off ebay (PEAVEY logo but SKB stamps on it), a Korg DTR-2000, 2 space rack drawer, and most recently a Flight case, Ernie ball Volume pedal and a Signal Flex Power Conditioner.

    Here is a pic of my current set up.


    I put the tuner on top because the light from the power conditioner kinda dulled the look of the tuner (the tuner also has a small light on the underside of it)


    Dimarzio click-locks (only way to go IMO) strap. The pickgaurd is what is making me think that this is a squire body, however it may just be a squire pickgaurd on a fender body? Whatever, the pickups new from musician's friend are $120 bucks alone so I feel like I'll get my money out of it. The flight case I got on ebay as well for super cheap, actually cheaper then alot of the universal cases I saw.

    In the past when I was messing around a bit I had a Randall Road Warrior RB1000 head and a yorkville 115 cabinet and was borrowing a bass (fender deluxe MIM) which I no longer have. After that I got messing around with guitar and my end setup before I sold everything (assumed I was done with music) was as follows:

    Gibson SG-1 with an EMG-81 in the bridge (I've tried to get this back for months now)
    Boss TU-2 tuner, MT-2 Metal Zone, GE-7 EQ
    Sovtek tube midget 50 watt head (wish I never got rid of this)
    Marshall 1960a cab

    Anyways, hopefully I can help, or can be of help in the future.

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