Newby would like to know what strings are on his bass

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  1. Hey all,

    A good month ago I started lessons on the DB together with my 7 year old daughter and we are both just loving it! At the moment I am renting a bass. The Luthier told me it is fitted with Pirastro Obligato strings but both me and my teacher doubt that. Or at least for a few strings. I have made a few pics of both ends of the strings so maybe some of you could help me help identify the strings?

    Thanks in advance!



  2. G and D are indeed Pirastro Obligato.

    The E seems to be a Pirastro Flexocore.

    The A might be a Thomastik Spirocore Mittel, but to know this a picture of the ball ends might be helpful. It is also unclear if it is the 3/4 or 4/4 string (which are different in tension for the same vibrating string length) since this could only be found out by measuring the total (uncut) length of the string.

    Pirastro uses a cylindrical ball end for steel core strings like Flexocore (with a number) and ring shaped ball end for synthetic core strings like the Obligato.
    Thomastik uses a barrel shaped ball end with a roman number for Spirocore.

    A lot of players that tried the Obligato didn't like the rolling of A and E, so this might be the reason why there are other strings used on E and A.
  3. Thanks for the very quick reply! Below a few pictures of the ball end



    I cannot seem to find any Roman number
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    A doesn't seem to be a Spiro.
    A S-S Red Label maybe?
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    If that's a Spirocore A string, There should be an "O" stamped in one side of the ball, and a III on the other.

    The hot spot from the flash is obscuring it in the photo but it almost looks like the edge of an 'O'...
  6. Well, I just looked again and there is indeed a Roman III stamped on top and an O on the bottom of the A string ball... Could hardly reach my bass due to all my kids toys lying arround so I missed the stampings the first time... So it must be a Spirocore then.

    If the E is indeed a Flexocore we have the set complete! Thanks!
  7. Yup, Flexocor 92 on the E.